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The Left’s Willingness to Tolerate Violence Should Frighten All Americans - Ben Shapiro

Seriously, Lady: PA Dem Who AG Barr Laughed at During Clown Show Hearing Took a Racial Swipe at Him - Matt Vespa

Barr Holds Nothing Back in Opening Statement Before House Judiciary Committee - Leah Barkoukis

Rioters Are Seditionists, Not Protesters - Cal Thomas

Black Trump Supporter Executed in Broad Daylight in Wisconsin - Bronson Stocking

AP says it will capitalize Black but not white - David Bauder

Networks Cut Away When WH Press Secretary Plays Footage of 'Peaceful' Protests - Bronson Stocking

The Silent Majority Won't Be So Silent Come November - Larry O'Connor

Dem Senator Trashed by Tucker Carlson Whips Out Very Familiar Attack Line Against Him - Matt Vespa

Alas, Cities Finally Confirm What We Already Knew Regarding the Spike in COVID Cases - Matt Vespa

I’m a Law Professor. Here’s What Happened After I Spoke Out on Black Lives Matter. - William A. Jacobson

Laughed Out of the Room: That’s the Song a LA Times Writer Picked to Replace the Star-Spangled Banner? - Matt Vespa

Our Government’s Unwise Stamp of Approval on Black Lives Matter - Armstrong Williams

Leo Terrell Reveals What Caused Him to Leave the Democratic Party - Beth Baumann

Despicable Behavior of Today’s Academicians - Walter E. Williams

Will the Left Kill America's Energy Dominance? - Stephen Moore

5 Arguments Against 'America Is a Racist Country' - Dennis Prager

Why You Should Be Optimistic About Trump Winning - Kurt Schlichter

Was This Our Last Fourth of July? - Wayne Allyn Root

Colin Kaepernick Should Make Ghana Great Again - Deroy Murdock

Meet the Former GOP and Democratic Congressional Staffers TikTok Hired as Lobbyists - Beth Baumann

The Fragility of the Woke - Victor Davis Hanson

DOJ Announces Fresh Round of Indictments for Rioters - Katie Pavlich

Black Life-Long Democrat Reveals Why He Walked Away from Joe Biden - Beth Baumann

If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes? - Dennis Prager

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Hurls a Question That Democrats Could Never Answer Honestly - Matt Vespa

Is The New York Times Serious With Their Tweet About President Trump's Mt. Rushmore Speech? - Matt Vespa

Mr. President, Here Is What You Must Say About Black Lives Matter - Wayne Allyn Root

The Most Powerful Argument Against Forced Universal Masking That You Won't Read In The Establishment Media - Scott Morefield

Enemy of the People: MSNBC's Maddow Wasn't the Only Member of the Media to Embarrass Herself Over Jobs Report - Matt Vespa

Monuments Are Only the Start of Radical Left’s War on Western Values - Nile Gardiner

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About White Privilege - Wayne Allyn Root

'Uncle Tom,' the Movie - Larry Elder

Insults to Black History - Walter E. Williams

8 Key Points to Distinguish Absentee and All-Mail Voting - Fred Lucas

Who Can Save Us Now? - Sebastian Gorka

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shares Anecdote About Bolton in Her New Book. It Ain't Pretty. - Cortney O'Brien

Is America Starting Down the Path of Nazi Germany? - Wayne Allyn Root

NBC Tries and Fails to Wreck a Conservative Website. Here’s Why It’s Deeply Problematic. - Jarrett Stepman

Why Americans Must Stand Up to the Left’s Power Grab - Mike Gonzalez

What If Obama Were President and KKK Terrorists Took Control of an American City? - Wayne Allyn Root

The Problem With ‘Pick a Knee’ - David Harsanyi

Star Parker Shares Why It’s Not True That America Is ‘Systemically Racist’. - Rachel del Guidice

Democrats must apologize – here's how they've failed America's cities - Newt Gingrich

The True Plight of Black Americans - Walter E. Williams

KHAN: David Dorn’s Murder Exposes A Massive Blind Spot Among The BLM Protests - Sharif Khan

Dear Sane Democrats… - Derek Hunter

Without Apologies, China Is Now on the Move - Victor Davis Hanson

Lee Zeldin Just Made a Great Observation About the Rod Rosenstein Hearing - Cortney O'Brien

That 'White Nationalists Causing George Floyd Riot Chaos' Talking Point Took Another Devastating Blow - Matt Vespa

The Enduring Example of the Tiananmen Square Massacre - Lee Edwards

America burns at the hands of extremist thugs - Mike Huckabee

UK Reverses Course on Huawei on 5G and Stands Up to China - Nile Gardiner

Here’s 23 Questions Joe Biden Needs To Answer About China - Ben Weingarten

Just One More Thing Obama Lied About - Wayne Allyn Root

Destroying the Environment to Save It - Paul Driessen

Schiff’s Evil Has No Bounds, His Latest Stunt Is Borderline Sedition - Red/Right/Daily

To Those Outraged Over Trump's Use of the Word 'Thug,' Someone Else Used it Too... - Cortney O'Brien

The 'Fact-Checking' Mess Twitter Has Created For Itself - Guy Benson

She Wrote Fake News for Cosmopolitan and Now Regrets Misleading Women on Feminism - Kelsey Bolar

Mr. President, Here's How You Stop the Democratic Scam of the Century - Wayne Allyn Root

WSJ Columnist: Here's What the Press Left Out When AG Barr Said No Criminal Probe Will Be Opened Against Biden - Matt Vespa

Harris Faulkner Powerfully Responds To Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment: ‘I’ve Been Fighting Against This Notion’ - Paul Bois

Liberals Would Rather People Die Than Have Hydroxychloroquine Work - Derek Hunter

Liberal Law Professor Calls Out Judge in Michael Flynn Case: This Could Devolve into Mob Rule - Matt Vespa

Liberals’ Latest Coronavirus Package Shows Why Americans Loathe Congress - Cal Thomas

Trump Cuts China’s Huawei Off From World’s Top Chip Maker; China Threatens ‘Biggest Counterattack’ - Ryan Saavedra

Obamagate Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory - David Harsanyi

Obama and Me: How I Knew Obama Was a Bad Guy Before Anyone Else - Wayne Allyn Root

One State Amends Coronavirus Death Count and the Numbers Are Significantly Lower - Beth Baumann

WSJ Columnist Notes the Obvious Reason Why the Left Goes Ballistic Over Anything AG Barr Does - Matt Vespa

The Real Climate Science Deniers - Paul Driessen

4 Big Unanswered Questions About the ‘Unmasking’ Scandal - Fred Lucas

How the Obama Administration Shattered the Rule of Law - Ben Shapiro

How to Hold Beijing Accountable for COVID-19? Here’s 3 Rules to Keep in Mind - James Carafano

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Cites This as 'the Worst Journalistic Fiasco' He's Ever Seen - Matt Vespa

18 Attorneys General Demand Congressional Probe Into How China Willfully ‘Misled the World’ - Andrew Kerr

Reporter Calls Out Meeting Where Obama, Comey Were 'Hatching' Plot Against Trump - Joe Saunders

China's Incestuous Relationship with the WHO Might Be Worse Than We Originally Thought - Beth Baumann

Democrat Law Professor Blasts Obama For False Statements About DOJ Dismissing Flynn Case - Ryan Saavedra

Sen. Mazie Hirono Sounds the Alarm on Trump's Judicial Success - Beth Baumann

Oh, This Keeps Getting Better: Former Obama Official Admits She Lied About Having Evidence of Russian Collusion - Matt Vespa

Mark Levin Perfectly Sums Up What New Documents Say About Obama's Role in Targeting Flynn - Katie Pavlich

New Documents Show President Obama Was in on the Flynn Takedown - Katie Pavlich

COVID-19 Not the Only Threat From China - Cal Thomas

Guess How Long It's Been Since NYC Cleaned Its Subways - Beth Baumann

China, WHO Violated Post-SARS Rules, GOP Analysis Finds - Susan Crabtree

Gaetz Calls for Ban on Use of Chinese “Trojan Horse” Drones by US Law Enforcement - Jennifer Van Laar

Mike Pompeo Says There’s ‘Enormous Evidence’ That Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab - Andrew Kerr

5 Keys to Understanding the Tangled Michael Flynn Case - Fred Lucas

If ‘Congress Shall Make No Law…’ Why Can Governors? - Derek Hunter

LEAKED: International Intelligence Report Uncovers China's Known Coronavirus Lies - Beth Baumann

Michael Flynn case should be dismissed to preserve justice - Jonathan Turley

The Same People Who Told Us To Believe Women Are Now Telling Us To Believe Joe Biden - Matt Walsh

To really understand how outrageous are these new Flynn docs, you have to add to everything we already know. - Kimberley Strassel

China Deserves Stringent Financial Penalties for its Role in the COVID-19 Outbreak - Stephen Moore

Our Dress Rehearsal for a Police State - Dennis Prager

China Is Working Overtime to Suppress Research About Coronavirus Origin - Jarrett Stepman

Are You Enjoying Your First Test Drive of Socialist America? - Wayne Allyn Root

GA Barbershop Owner Drops a Massive Truth Bomb About the Struggles of Being a 'Non-Essential' Business Owner - Beth Baumann

3 Actions the US Should Take to Strengthen Its Standing and Hold China Accountable - James Carafano

Flawed Models Show Why COVID-19 Policies Must Consider Total Mortality - James Enstrom

Why the World Shut Down for the Wuhan Coronavirus, but Not MERS, Swine Flu, SARS, or Ebola - Matt Vespa

Benefits vs. Costs and COVID-19 - Walter E. Williams

Harvard Smears Homeschooling Parents and Their Children - Nicole Russell

Public Being Misled About Masks - Betsy McCaughey

China Increasingly Controls Information as It Slides Deeper Into Authoritarianism. - Jarrett Stepman

Whitmer to Michigan: Stay Home and Shut Up. - Debra Saunders

Coronavirus Authoritarianism Is Getting Out of Hand - David Harsanyi

Israeli Professor Shows Virus Follows Fixed Pattern - Marina Medvin

Chinese Consulate Asks Wisconsin State Senator For Praise In Resolution. He Gives Them A Resolution They Won’t Forget. - Ryan Saavedra

The Left Is Calling for Mail-In Voting. Here’s Why It’s a Bad Idea. - Virginia Allen

Mr. President, Stop Listening to the D.C. Swamp Politicians, Deep-State Bureaucrats and Ivy League Eggheads - Wayne Allyn Root

AOC Reveals the Really Stupid Reason Coronavirus Patients In Queens Refuse to Go to the Hospital - Beth Baumann

Don’t Let Liberals Federalize Elections - David Harsanyi

BOMBSHELL: FBI Had Evidence That Anti-Trump Dossier Could Contain Russian Intel Disinformation, Declassified Footnotes Show - Ryan Saavedra

Three Years Later, Gorsuch Delivers - Mike Davis

That's What Dennis Quaid Gets for Praising Trump - Cortney O'Brien

Liberal Nonsense Is Looking Dumber Than Ever Now - Kurt Schlichter

If CNN Aired Trump's Wuhan Coronavirus Pressers, They Could've Avoided This Fake News Iceberg - Matt Vespa

Instead of Praising America's Unity and Charity in Crisis, AOC Says We're a 'Brutal, Barbarian Society' - C. Douglas Golden

Trump Questioned a Reporter's Ties to the Chinese Government – and He's Definitely Onto Something - Beth Baumann

In Hiding COVID-19 at First, China Chose Reputation Over Saving Lives - Brett Schaefer

Rep. Mark Green: China Trying To Force France Onto Huawei 5G In Exchange For Masks - Ryan Saavedra

We Have Become A Police State, And None Of Us Should Be Okay With That - Matt Walsh

Sleepy Joe Attempts to Slam Trump for His Coronavirus Response and It Backfires - Beth Baumann

Daily Kos Founder Appears to Jump For Glee Over Americans Infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus - Matt Vespa

Jemele Hill: The Only Acceptable Acts of Charity Come From Those Who Are Anti-Trump - Matt Vespa

5 Keys to Unlocking Why the World Health Organization Bows to China on COVID-19 - Fred Lucas

U.S. Intelligence Tells Trump That China ‘Intentionally’ Lied About Coronavirus Outbreak, Report Says - Ryan Saavedra

Managing a Disaster - Walter E. Williams

What’s Really Happening in China With Coronavirus? 4 Things to Know - Fred Lucas

ICYMI: Nancy Pelosi Just Threatened President Trump With Another Investigation - Katie Pavlich

Why Are Republicans and Democrats So Divided Over the Coronavirus? - Wayne Allyn Root

Australian Reporter Rita Panahi Takes the WHO, Chinese Regime to Task Over Coronavirus Lies - Beth Baumann

WHO's Senior Advisor Had an Astonishing Response When Asked About Taiwan - Beth Baumann

Here's Why AOC Threw a Fit Over the Wuhan Coronavirus Relief Package - Beth Baumann

The Bizarre, Partisan Attacks on Dr. Deborah Birx - Guy Benson

It's Obvious Why Liberal Networks Don't Want to Carry The Trump Wuhan Coronavirus Pressers - Matt Vespa

Fauci Would Prescribe Chloroquine to Patient Suffering From COVID-19 - Larry O'Connor

China Lied And People Died: Chinese Scientists Destroyed Wuhan Coronavirus Evidence in December - Matt Vespa

Step on a Rake? Why The New York Times Really Looks Stupid Going After Mitch McConnell Right Now - Matt Vespa

Coronavirus Is the Chinese Government’s Curse Upon the World - David Harsanyi

The Real Reasons Africa Has Another Locust Plague - Paul Driessen

Sebastian Gorka Exposes the Great Lie of Socialism - Virginia Allen

A Tale of 2 Pandemics and the Government’s Response - Fred Lucas

MSNBC Guest Attempts to Explain How 'Fox News Has Been Killing People for Years' - Beth Baumann

How Exactly Do They Plan to Ban Fossil Fuels? - Paul Driessen

‘Immoral and Irresponsible’: China Blames US Military for Coronavirus - Fred Lucas

Time Mag Includes Racists, a Communist & Only 2 Prominent Conservatives in Women of the Century List - Christine Favocci

Judge Lynn Adelman Embarrasses the Federal Judiciary - GianCarlo Canaparo

Why ‘Real’ Socialism Leads to Tyranny - Jarrett Stepman

Three reasons Joe Biden will never be president - Byron York

Biden Should Take Dementia Tests - Dick Morris

Oh, So That's How The Soviets Used Bernie After He Visited The USSR - Matt Vespa

What Young Americans Don’t Know About Socialism - David Harsanyi

Guess Who Just Teamed Up to Take President Trump Down in 2020 - daniel

Fact Check: Did Trump Call Coronavirus a ‘Hoax’? - Brad Sylvester

Mark Levin Aims Sharp Words at the American Left - Virginia Aabram What Bernie Sanders Isn’t Telling You About Canadian Health Care - Peter St. Onge

LATER China Lied, Coronavirus Didn’t Start in Meat Market – Here’s What Really Happened - daniel

Three Pieces of Good News on Coronavirus - Guy Benson

Debate is Over Concerning This Part of the Second Amendment? - Matt Vespa

Here's a Devastating, Little-Known Story About Bernie Sanders. Why Haven't His Rivals Exploited It? - Guy Benson

Bernie Sanders Needs to Face Truth About Socialism, Rep. Liz Cheney Says - Jarrett Stepman

These 3 Countries Tried Socialism. Here’s What Happened - Lee Edwards

Study Shows the Result of Left-Wing Conformity on College Campuses - Jarrett Stepman

Stop, Question and Frisk - Walter E. Williams

Only 3 Senate Democrats Vote to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion - Rachel del Guidice

Report Suggests That Details Point To Coronavirus Coming From Chinese Lab - Ryan Saavedra

Public School 'History' Lesson Compares Trump to Soviets, Nazis - Bronson Stocking

‘Here We Go Again’: 4 Things to Know About New Russia-Trump Election Meddling Narrative - Fred Lucas

Keeping Africa On the Brink of Starvation - Paul Driessen

Fracking Ban Would Hurt Environment - Nicolas Loris

Democrat James Clyburn Attacks Trump: Black Unemployment Better When We Were Slaves - Ryan Saavedra

Political Bias and Anti-Americanism on College Campuses - Walter E. Williams

Huawei’s Role in the ‘Chinese Espionage Enterprise’ - Katrina Trinko

Pompeo Warns of China’s Hidden Influence in America - Tony Perkins

Pelosi Spins Her 'Impromptu' SOTU Shredding and Places Blame on... the Media? - Beth Baumann

“This Is The Biggest Political Scandal of Our Time!”, Maria Bartiromo Let’s Loose - Freedom Wire

Is It Time to Call Democrats 'Evil'? You Decide - Wayne Allyn Root

AG Barr Highlights Greatest Threat To U.S.: ‘Should Vastly Outweigh All Other’ Priorities - Ryan Saavedra

Economics Reality - Walter E. Williams

Study Reveals the Absurd Conformity of Higher Education - Jarrett Stepman

Democrats’ Election Strategy: Call Everyone A Moron - Derek Hunter

Buttigieg Believes He Has Diagnosed America's Illegal Immigration Problem - Beth Baumann

Omar Trashes the U.S. for Not Living Up to Her 'American Dream' - Beth Baumann

Hakeem Jeffries: Democrats Getting Foreign Info On Trump OK, It Was ‘Purchased’ - Daily Wire News

Senate Democrat's Remarks On Trump's Legal Team Is Grade-A Trump Derangement Nonsense - Matt Vespa

The Cult of Western Shaming - Victor Davis Hanson

Democracy and Tyranny - Walter E. Williams

Warren Unveils Plan to Censor 'Disinformation' Online - Reagan McCarthy

'Mind Boggling': Take a Look at These Demographic Numbers From Trump's New Jersey Rally - Katie Pavlich

Jonathan Turley Knocked The Wheels Off Impeachment - Joe DiGenova

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez School of Economics - Ben Shapiro

Puerto Rico Governor Under Fire After Emergency Aid Found Sitting in Warehouse - Bronson Stocking

A Challenge to Former President Obama - Wayne Allyn Root

Supremes to Decide if Electoral College Voters Must Vote for Winner of State Popular Vote - Bronson Stocking

President Trump Just Turned The Most Liberal Court In America On Its Head - Politico

Media Celebrate as GAO Says Trump Broke Law, Fail To Mention 7 Times It Nailed Obama Admin - Jared Harris

Liberals Don't Want to Defeat You, They Want to Destroy You - Derek Hunter

NYT Concedes This Trump Policy Broke Iran’s Will - Paul Goldberg

To Keep African Americans Safe, Target Criminals, Not Police - Walter E. Williams

Mr. President, Here's How You Can 'Make America Even Greater' - Wayne Allyn Root

Media Lawyer Explains Why CNN Settlement in Libel Case Is a Big Deal - Jarrett Stepman

The Chicken Littles got everything wrong on Trump and Iran - Michael Goodwin

Iran's Options in Showdown with America Are All Bad - Victor Davis Hanson

Left’s Impeachment Drive Fueled by ‘Rage Instead of Reason’ - Virginia Allen

Socialism, Howard Zinn and his fake history - The Washington Times

WATCH: Russian Pranksters Dupe Maxine Waters By Calling As Greta Thunberg Claiming To Have Dirt On Trump - Joseph Curl

Newly-Elected Democrats Let Their Masks Slip, Revealing The Fascists Beneath - Kurt Schlichter

The Dangers of Elite Groupthink - Victor Davis Hanson

Colleges Dupe Parents and Taxpayers - Walter E. WilliamsW

I Went to a Socialism Conference. Here Are My 6 Observations. - Jarrett Stepman

Left Wing Media Critic Turns On & Skewers Democrat Conspiracy Theorist Rachel Maddow - Paul Goldberg

Democrats Peddle Doom, but the Middle Class Never Had It So Good - Stephen Moore

Greta Thunberg: A Living Explanation of the Left - Dennis Prager

Washington Post Hacks Into Chevy To Show How Much Cars Are Spying On Owners - Ryan Saavedra

Anti-Trump Christians, Would You Prefer a President Who Supports Secular Social Agenda? - Cal Thomas

Pelosi’s Impeachment Gamble Is Unconstitutional - GianCarlo Canaparo

These Historians Challenge New York Times’ Dubious 1619 Project - Jarrett Stepman

Biden Just Lost the Election - Wayne Allyn Root

The Senate Has a Nuclear Option on Impeachment — They Can Refuse to Take it Up - C. Douglas Golden

Former Intelligence Chiefs Fit Perfectly Into Media Advocacy Culture - Victor Davis Hanson

Elections are only legitimate when Democrats win - Victor Joecks

Trump Clone Boris Johnson's UK Landslide a Preview of 2020 - Wayne Allyn Root

It Turns Out Warren Really Miscalculated Her Beloved and Unconstitutional Wealth Tax - Matt Vespa

Why Capitalism Is Morally Superior to Other Systems - Walter E. Williams

Video of AG Barr Exposing FBI Corruption May Be Most Important 2 Minutes in 3-Year Corruption Scandal - Ben Marquis

Trey Gowdy Details the Most Important Parts of the IG Report and Gives Advice to James Comey - Katie Pavlich

Will Democrats Accept the Results of the 2020 Elections? - Ben Shapiro

Freak Out: Liberal Media Are Fearing Democrats Might Have Blown Up Their Impeachment Circus - Matt Vespa

Democrats Announce Impeachment Articles; Trump Responds: Dems Refuse To Acknowledge Key Fact - James Barrett

Democrats offering passion over proof in Trump impeachment - Jonathan Turley

Dems' Impeachment Trickery - Betsy McCaughey

Democrats Appear to do a Stunning 180-Degree Turn On This Aspect of Their Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Push - Matt Vespa

Fraud in Higher Education - Walter E. Williams

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The Smaller the Citizen

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