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Wow: Apparent 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Uncovered on Hillary's Email Deletion Scheme - Guy Benson

Questions Lester Holt should ask - Cal Thomas

No Thank You, Obama - Stephen Moore

Did the Famous Sailor Sexually Assault the Famous Nurse? - Dennis Prager

Our Political Predicament - Thomas Sowell

MSNBC Host: We're "Lucky" The Terrorist Used A Bomb Instead Of A Gun - Christine Rousselle

Journalist: A Top Clinton Ally Once Peddled Obama Birtherism Theories to Me - Guy Benson

WH on ISIS Fight: 'In Some Ways, This is Just a War of Narratives' - Guy Benson

12 Hours of Terror: Just Another Weekend in Leftist-run America - Susan Stamper Brown

“Toxic Chromium” Fear-Mongering - Paul Driessen

The Deplorables vs. The Deportables - Wayne Allyn Root

Why Doesn't Kaepernick Protest Fatherlessness? - Jerry Newcombe

Congenital Liar - Cal Thomas

What Is the FBI Hiding? - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Hillary's 'Deplorables'? What About Hillary's 'Generalistic'? - Larry Elder

The Legacies of Barack Obama - Victor Davis Hanson

State Department Finally Admits: Nuke Deal Might Be Making Iran's Behavior Worse - Katie Pavlich

I’m ‘Deplorable.’ Are You? - Bryan Crabtree

Hillary's Health is a Valid Issue - Jonah Goldberg

Shrinkage: Clinton's Lead Falls to Just Two Points in NBC's Four-Way Poll - Guy Benson

Academic Giants and Dwarfs - Walter E. Williams

The Real Health Concerns for America - Allen West

Election Year Books - Thomas Sowell

Techies Instructed to Delete Hillary's Emails: This Looks Like Covering Up A Lot of Shady Sh*t - Katie Pavlich

Despite Claims to the Contrary, Science Says Fracking Not Causing Increased Earthquakes - Marita Noon

Wells Fargo is a Bank, Not a Center for Political Activism - Susan Stamper Brown

Stealth Advocacy on Climate Change: A Catastrophic Failure of Science - Calvin Beisner

The 'Deplorables' - Cal Thomas

Want Prosperity? Follow the Red State Model - Stephen Moore

How's That Fundamental Transformation Going? - Michael Barone

How Is the Godless West Working Out? - Dennis Prager

Racial Issues - Thomas Sowell

Ummm? This may be the DUMBEST Hillary Tweet yet - Matt Palumbo

If Trump Supporters Are A “Basket of Deplorables”, Then Hillary’s A ‘Basket Case’ - D.W. Wilber

Bill Clinton: You Know, Those 'Coal People' Don't Like Us Anymore For Some Reason - Matt Vespa

Media Puts Debate Moderators On Notice: Protect Hillary - Derek Hunter

Message from a non-oppressed black man to Colin Kaepernick… - Allen West

Remembering 9/11: The Threat of Jihad Remains - Brigitte Gabriel

Confusion, Muddle, Obfuscation and Racism - Paul Driessen

Every Word, Including 'And' And 'The' - Ann Coulter

Flashback: Hillary's Own Words Blow Up Her New 'Classification Headings' Excuse - Guy Benson

Assange: Clinton Lied To The FBI, Knew That "C" Meant Classified - Matt Vespa

Disgrace: Hillary Clinton Shamelessly Lies While Lecturing a Navy Vet About Handling Classified Information - Katie Pavlich

Hillary Clinton and the FBI - Judge Andrew Napolitano

WH: Obama Really Concerned About Chicago’s Shootings, But Doesn’t Know What To Do - Matt Vespa

Trump at a Black Church in Detroit: What He Should Have Said - Larry Elder

Hillary's Email Scandal Takes Down the FBI - Ben Shapiro

Waking Up From Minimum Wage Fairy Tales - Star Parker

Wait–We Paid Iran $1.7 Billion To Release Four Detained Americans, Not $400 Million? - Matt Vespa

Corrupt Academics and the Media - Walter E. Williams

Hillary: I Totally Take Classification Seriously, I Was a Senator - Katie Pavlich

Analysis: Seven Email Scandal Revelations in the FBI's Holiday Weekend Document Dump - Guy Benson

House Oversight Committee: Did Hillary Clinton or Staff Destroy Email Evidence Under Subpoena? - Katie Pavlich

Hmm: Look Who Just Banned The Burqa - Christine Rousselle

Trump, Republicans and the 'Principles' Question - Dennis Prager

Kaepernick claims USA “oppresses” blacks; there’s just one GIANT problem… - Derrick Wilburn

Misleading Statistics - Thomas Sowell

Watch: CNN Panel Laughs When Tim Kaine Says Clinton Talks To The Press A Lot - Matt Vespa

Because Famous Liberal Women Are Special, You Peasants - Kurt Schlichter

Circa: Efforts To Keep Clinton’s Email Account Safe From Public Records Laws Were ‘Systemic And Intentional’ - Matt Vespa

New Leaked DCCC Memo Shows Dem Officials Panicking About How to Handle Black Lives Matter - Cortney O'Brien

The Clinton Campaign To Press: You're Joining Us Next Week So Shut The Hell Up - Matt Vespa

Newly Released FBI Interview Notes Shows Hillary Didn't Know 'C' Meant Classified - Cortney O'Brien

At The Clinton Foundation, You Can Smell The Meat A-Cookin' - John Kass

Just As Predicted, Gay Activists and Their Allies Attack the Messengers - Michael Brown

More Blurred Lines: Emails Show Clinton Foundation Executive Asking Huma Abedin For Diplomatic Passports - Matt Vespa

Why Now is the Right Time to Talk About Ethanol - Jonah Goldberg

The Battle of the Secret Cabals - Michael Barone

How Clinton’s Free College Tuition Plan Will Hurt Millennials - Justin Haskins

Separating the Value of Black Lives from the Black Lives Matter Movement - Michael Brown

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The Smaller the Citizen

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resent those who do

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