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FBI Agents: Comey ‘Stood In The Way,’ A Grand Jury Should Have Been Convened Over Clinton Email Fiasco - Matt Vespa

Undercover Video: Dem Operatives Boast of Deliberate Scheme to Provoke Violence at Trump Events - Guy Benson

WikiLeaks: Hillary’s Conflicted Comments on Fracking - Marita Noon

Four Biggest Clinton Scandals - Victoria Stroup

The Nastiness of the Clinton Campaign - Bill Murchison

Corruption and Collusion - Cal Thomas

Which Party Will Hold the Senate and House? - Michael Barone

In Defense of Pro-Trump Christians - Dennis Prager

The Left and the Masses: Part III - Thomas Sowell

The Left and the Masses: Part II - Thomas Sowell

The Left and the Masses - Thomas Sowell

Survey: Young Americans Brain Dead On Communism, One-Third Believes Bush Killed More People Than Stalin - Matt Vespa

Obama's Failure: 1,000 More People Shot in Chicago Compared to This Time Last Year - Justin Holcomb

Chris Cuomo: We At CNN Can Possess WikiLeaks Emails, But You Can't - Cortney O'Brien

Corruption: Clinton Underling Pressured FBI to Alter Email Classifications with 'Quid Pro Quo' Offers - Guy Benson

Huge Win: Judge Tosses Newtown Families' Lawsuit Against Remington - Matt Vespa

Turn Out the Lights, the Republican Party is Over - Jeff Crouere

An Open Letter to Michelle Obama - Mary Powers

Does Hillary Clinton Believe in Anything? - John C. Goodman

Stormy Climate Deception - Paul Driessen

NFL Can't Quite Figure Out Why Ratings Are Nose Diving - Katie Pavlich

UN: The Temple Mount Is Only Sacred To Muslims, Not Jews - Matt Vespa

NYT Counsel: 'We Did What the Law Allows' - Cortney O'Brien

WikiLeaks: Podesta Asks Cheryl Mills If They Should 'Withhold' POTUS Emails After Benghazi Subpoena - Cortney O'Brien

If FBI Agents and DOJ Lawyers Were 'Floored' Hillary Wasn't Charged, Will Anyone Resign? - Guy Benson

Is Obamacare’s Failure Intentional to Promote Medicaid-for-All? - Devon Herrick

Wikileaks: Clinton Campaign Probably Knows the Truth about Job Loss and the $15 Minimum Wage Hike - Charlotte Hays

Wikileaks: Secret Speeches Show Clinton Supported Fracking, Called Efforts Against It A Russian Plot - Matt Vespa

Democrat Governor: Turns Out the Affordable Care Act is...Not Affordable - Guy Benson

Source: FBI Agents On Clinton Email Case 'Disgusted' With Comey's Decision To Not File Charges Against Hillary - Matt Vespa

New Poll: Donald Trump Takes the Lead Over Hillary Clinton, Smokes Paul Ryan in Favorability - Justin Holcomb

Former Democratic Senator: Clinton Might Issue Executive Order On Guns - Matt Vespa

Caught on Tape: Democratic Election Official Admits, 'There is a Lot of Voter Fraud' - Guy Benson

Clinton Staffer Caught Saying He Could Grab Co-Worker's A** And Not Get Fired - Matt Vespa

How the Clinton Foundation Put 'Political Priorities' Over Housing Needs in Haiti - Cortney O'Brien

7 Hillary Lies That Show She’s Pathological - Aryssa Damron

The Astounding Hypocrisy of Hollywood, the Media and the Democrats on the Trump Tape - Ben Shapiro

When Republicans Wish Upon a 'Star' - Jonah Goldberg

The Trump Tape Vs. Hillary the Assault Enabler - Brent Bozell

A Constitutional Right to Literacy - Walter E. Williams

Hillary’s Foul Language Is Deplorable - Aryssa Damron

At Stake: The Constitution - Cal Thomas

Liberals are Premature Prognosticators - Wayne Allyn Root

Trump's Comments: The Latest Left-Wing Hysteria - Dennis Prager

Words Versus Deeds - Thomas Sowell

Luntz Group: Trump's P***y Remarks Are Bad, But Clinton's Email Fiasco Is Still Worse - Matt Vespa

In Leaked Email, Clinton Admits She's "Far Removed" From Middle Class - Leah Barkoukis

2016 Election Choices: Guaranteed Disaster or Risky River Landing - Susan Stamper Brown

Tax Attacks: Understanding Leftist Strategy - Barney Brenner

Clinton Pulls a “Watergate”: “Secret” Envelope Has all the Hallmarks of a Hillary “October Surprise” - Michael Hammond

Blood Cell Phones and Teslas - Paul Driessen

The New FBI Investigation Clinton Faces - Aryssa Damron

Trump's Debate Silver Bullet - Bryan Crabtree

The Immorality of the Minimum Wage - Helen Raleigh

Trump Audio Emerges: 'Grab [Women] By The P***y' - Guy Benson

Twenty One States Move to Stop New Obama Attempt End Run Around Congress - Ken Blackwell

Prominent Republicans Condemn Trump Comments - Christine Rousselle

Rep. Chaffetz Withdraws Trump Endorsement - Christine Rousselle

New Missouri Gun Law Rationalizes Liberty - Colin McNickle

Robin Hood Economics Falls Flat in Debates - Michael Barone

University of New Haven Disinvites Sheriff David Clarke From Speaking - Katie Pavlich

Clinton Interview With Steve Harvey Was A Total Sham, Campaign Helped With The Questions - Matt Vespa

Obamacare Architect: It's Republicans Fault The Law is Collapsing, or Something - Katie Pavlich

It's Working: Democrats Divided, Flailing Over Obamacare's Ongoing Meltdown - Guy Benson

How Bill Clinton Ruined Comey’s Case Against Hillary - Aryssa Damron

Hillary Will Deny It, But Ed Klein Has a Proven Record of Being Right - Aryssa Damron

Tim Kaine: “Make America GRATE Again” - Wayne Allyn Root

A Journey From Pessimism to Optimism - Scott Rasmussen

Trump, Taxes and Liberal Hypocrisy - Larry Elder

Cecile Richards Says She Doesn't Know When an Unborn Baby Gets Constitutional Rights - Cortney O'Brien

From Greek tragedy to American therapy - Victor Davis Hanson

Liberal Attempts To Silence Dissenters Will Not End Well - Kurt Schlichter

No Tim Kaine, Americans Absolutely Have a Right to Block Islamic Immigration - Justin Holcomb

No Tim Kaine, The Iran Deal Didn't Get Rid Of Iran's Nuclear Program - Matt Vespa

Former US Prosecutor: Please Tell Me The FBI's 'Side Deal' With Clinton Aides is a Joke - Guy Benson

Millennials Offer New Hope in the Fight to Reclaim Democracy - Rachel Marsden

NYT Best-Selling Author Exposes Hillary’s Pay-to-Play Scandal - Aryssa Damron

A Taxing Situation - Cal Thomas

Discrimination and Segregation - Walter E. Williams

The Academic Curtain - Thomas Sowell

Hillary Also Exploited Provisions To Lessen Her Tax Burden, NYT Did So As Well - Matt Vespa

Striking Down Obama's Climate Legacy Has Its Day In Court - Marita Noon

Courts Hang in Balance of the Election - Andy Schlafly

Hillary Is Going to Be Furious With What Ed Klein Has Written About Her Health - Aryssa Damron

A New Theory on Police Shootings - Michael Brown

The Undecided Voter: Do You Want More of the Same? - Lawrence Meyers

Faith and the VP debate - Cal Thomas

Clinton Won on Nonsense, Trump Won on Substance - Dennis Prager

Dunbar High School After 100 Years - Thomas Sowell

BREAKING: FBI Made 'Side Deals' to Destroy Top Clinton Aides' Laptops - Guy Benson

America First! When Clinton Talks Environmentalism - Ilana Mercer

Green Pixie Dust Energy Policies - Paul Driessen

What Responsibility Do Black Americans Have to Prevent Police Shootings? - John Hawkins

Analysis: As Hillary Attacks on Treatment of Women, Countering with Clintons' History is Fair Game - Guy Benson

Stop and Frisk: The Inner City's Best Friend - Charlotte Hays

What the Debate Tells About How Candidates Would Govern - Michael Barone

Advice for Second Debate - Cal Thomas

What Trump Should Have Said About 'Birther' and Tax Returns - Larry Elder

The Next President Unbound - Victor Davis Hanson

UN Panel: U.S. Should Pay Black People Reparations Due To History Of 'Racial Terrorism' - Matt Vespa

Comey: DOJ Prosecutors Granted Clinton Attorney Cheryl Mills Immunity, Not The FBI - Katie Pavlich

Transgenderism Can Be Helpful - Walter E. Williams

A Tale of Two Cities, and Two Paths for America - Allen West

200 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Be President - Catherine Dunn

Hillary’s ‘Deplorables’: Mass Media - Susan Stamper Brown

It's Time For Trump - Cal Thomas

Advice For Donald: Scare America With The Truth - Wayne Allyn Root

Bernie Clinton - Stephen Moore

Domestic Migration (Mostly) Explains a Generation of Partisan Changes - Michael Barone

'Favors' to Blacks - Thomas Sowell

FBI Document Dump: Hired Tech Employee Called Clinton Private Server Deletion The 'Hillary Coverup Operation' - Katie Pavlich

Revealed: Hillary Withheld and Deleted Nearly 1,000 Emails With David Petraeus - Guy Benson

Who Is Guarding the (Dictatorial) Guards? - Paul Driessen

Oh, Good: Investigation in Colorado Finds Dead People Are Casting Ballots - Christine Rousselle

Reports: Venezuelan Hospitals Keeping Newborns in Cardboard Boxes Due To Supply Shortages - Matt Vespa

Healing The Black, White Education Gap - Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Won’t Be Prey: 43 Percent Of Handgun Owners Are Women, Almost A Quarter From Urban Areas - Matt Vespa

The Truth About Cops - D.W. Wilber

What Happens to the Democratic Party if Clinton Loses? - Michael Barone

Why Is the White House Vetoing Legislation That Would Block Future Ransom Payments to Iran? - Cortney O'Brien

Reid: Let's Face It, Informed Americans Know Obamacare is a Success - Guy Benson

Question From Hillary Clinton: 'Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead'? - Guy Benson

More Terror, More Denials - Cal Thomas

There is a Reason Why Hillary is Sick, And I Know Why - Wayne Allyn Root

Due Process Is Vital to Freedom - Judge Andrew Napolitano

MSNBC Panel Baffled By Clinton Campaign Manager Laughing Off Foreign Policy Questions - Cortney O'Brien

North Korea Just Accidentally Opened Up Its Internet- Christine Rousselle

A Hard Rain is Going to Fall - Victor Davis Hanson

Judiciary Committee on Timing of Destroyed Lois Lerner Backup Tapes: “What a Coincidence, Mr. Koskinen” - Cortney O'Brien

Rescue Mission: Obama Hoping To Drag Hillary Clinton To Victory - Matt Vespa

Rush on New Hillary Email Revelations: 'This Isn't Gonna Go Away,' House Panel Investigating - Guy Benson

What to Expect in the First Debate - Ben Shapiro

LGBTQQIAAP – The Absurd Alphabet of Gender Identity - Bob Barr

Obama's Trolling Helped Give Rise To Trump - Jonah Goldberg

Cruelty to Black Students - Walter E. Williams

Who Does Hillary Find More Deplorable – Jihadists or Trump Supporters? - Todd Starnes

Bill Clinton: Our Foundation is Fully Transparent, You Know - Guy Benson

Wow: Apparent 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Uncovered on Hillary's Email Deletion Scheme - Guy Benson

Questions Lester Holt should ask - Cal Thomas

No Thank You, Obama - Stephen Moore

Did the Famous Sailor Sexually Assault the Famous Nurse? - Dennis Prager

Our Political Predicament - Thomas Sowell

MSNBC Host: We're "Lucky" The Terrorist Used A Bomb Instead Of A Gun - Christine Rousselle

Journalist: A Top Clinton Ally Once Peddled Obama Birtherism Theories to Me - Guy Benson

WH on ISIS Fight: 'In Some Ways, This is Just a War of Narratives' - Guy Benson

12 Hours of Terror: Just Another Weekend in Leftist-run America - Susan Stamper Brown

“Toxic Chromium” Fear-Mongering - Paul Driessen

The Deplorables vs. The Deportables - Wayne Allyn Root

Why Doesn't Kaepernick Protest Fatherlessness? - Jerry Newcombe

Congenital Liar - Cal Thomas

What Is the FBI Hiding? - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Hillary's 'Deplorables'? What About Hillary's 'Generalistic'? - Larry Elder

The Legacies of Barack Obama - Victor Davis Hanson

State Department Finally Admits: Nuke Deal Might Be Making Iran's Behavior Worse - Katie Pavlich

I’m ‘Deplorable.’ Are You? - Bryan Crabtree

Hillary's Health is a Valid Issue - Jonah Goldberg

Shrinkage: Clinton's Lead Falls to Just Two Points in NBC's Four-Way Poll - Guy Benson

Academic Giants and Dwarfs - Walter E. Williams

The Real Health Concerns for America - Allen West

Election Year Books - Thomas Sowell

Techies Instructed to Delete Hillary's Emails: This Looks Like Covering Up A Lot of Shady Sh*t - Katie Pavlich

Despite Claims to the Contrary, Science Says Fracking Not Causing Increased Earthquakes - Marita Noon

Wells Fargo is a Bank, Not a Center for Political Activism - Susan Stamper Brown

Stealth Advocacy on Climate Change: A Catastrophic Failure of Science - Calvin Beisner

The 'Deplorables' - Cal Thomas

Want Prosperity? Follow the Red State Model - Stephen Moore

How's That Fundamental Transformation Going? - Michael Barone

How Is the Godless West Working Out? - Dennis Prager

Racial Issues - Thomas Sowell

Ummm? This may be the DUMBEST Hillary Tweet yet - Matt Palumbo

If Trump Supporters Are A “Basket of Deplorables”, Then Hillary’s A ‘Basket Case’ - D.W. Wilber

Bill Clinton: You Know, Those 'Coal People' Don't Like Us Anymore For Some Reason - Matt Vespa

Media Puts Debate Moderators On Notice: Protect Hillary - Derek Hunter

Message from a non-oppressed black man to Colin Kaepernick… - Allen West

Remembering 9/11: The Threat of Jihad Remains - Brigitte Gabriel

Confusion, Muddle, Obfuscation and Racism - Paul Driessen

Every Word, Including 'And' And 'The' - Ann Coulter

Flashback: Hillary's Own Words Blow Up Her New 'Classification Headings' Excuse - Guy Benson

Assange: Clinton Lied To The FBI, Knew That "C" Meant Classified - Matt Vespa

Disgrace: Hillary Clinton Shamelessly Lies While Lecturing a Navy Vet About Handling Classified Information - Katie Pavlich

Hillary Clinton and the FBI - Judge Andrew Napolitano

WH: Obama Really Concerned About Chicago’s Shootings, But Doesn’t Know What To Do - Matt Vespa

Trump at a Black Church in Detroit: What He Should Have Said - Larry Elder

Hillary's Email Scandal Takes Down the FBI - Ben Shapiro

Waking Up From Minimum Wage Fairy Tales - Star Parker

Wait–We Paid Iran $1.7 Billion To Release Four Detained Americans, Not $400 Million? - Matt Vespa

Corrupt Academics and the Media - Walter E. Williams

Hillary: I Totally Take Classification Seriously, I Was a Senator - Katie Pavlich

Analysis: Seven Email Scandal Revelations in the FBI's Holiday Weekend Document Dump - Guy Benson

House Oversight Committee: Did Hillary Clinton or Staff Destroy Email Evidence Under Subpoena? - Katie Pavlich

Hmm: Look Who Just Banned The Burqa - Christine Rousselle

Trump, Republicans and the 'Principles' Question - Dennis Prager

Kaepernick claims USA “oppresses” blacks; there’s just one GIANT problem… - Derrick Wilburn

Misleading Statistics - Thomas Sowell

Watch: CNN Panel Laughs When Tim Kaine Says Clinton Talks To The Press A Lot - Matt Vespa

Because Famous Liberal Women Are Special, You Peasants - Kurt Schlichter

Circa: Efforts To Keep Clinton’s Email Account Safe From Public Records Laws Were ‘Systemic And Intentional’ - Matt Vespa

New Leaked DCCC Memo Shows Dem Officials Panicking About How to Handle Black Lives Matter - Cortney O'Brien

The Clinton Campaign To Press: You're Joining Us Next Week So Shut The Hell Up - Matt Vespa

Newly Released FBI Interview Notes Shows Hillary Didn't Know 'C' Meant Classified - Cortney O'Brien

At The Clinton Foundation, You Can Smell The Meat A-Cookin' - John Kass

Just As Predicted, Gay Activists and Their Allies Attack the Messengers - Michael Brown

More Blurred Lines: Emails Show Clinton Foundation Executive Asking Huma Abedin For Diplomatic Passports - Matt Vespa

Why Now is the Right Time to Talk About Ethanol - Jonah Goldberg

The Battle of the Secret Cabals - Michael Barone

How Clinton’s Free College Tuition Plan Will Hurt Millennials - Justin Haskins

Separating the Value of Black Lives from the Black Lives Matter Movement - Michael Brown

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The Smaller the Citizen

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resent those who do

Good intensions often have unintended consequences

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