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Liberals Aren’t Losing Faith in Our Constitutional System. They Just Don’t Like Its Results. - David Harsanyi

Bill de Blasio Humiliated as Truth about NYC Public Schools Exposed - Dick Morris

Progressives Want to Burn Down Any Institution That Doesn’t Favor Them at the Moment - Jarrett Stepman

7 Staggering Quotes Made by Progressive Democrats’ New Star - Tristan Justice

Why Trump Can End Birthright Citizenship by Executive Order - Hans von Spakovsky

The 3 Big Differences Between Conservatives and Progressives - Genevieve Wood

Trump Is Right. Ending Birthright Citizenship Is Constitutional. - Hans von Spakovsky

For The Love Of Decency, Stop The Gaslighting About Inflammatory Rhetoric - Ben Shapiro

Birthright Citizenship: A Fundamental Misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment - Hans von Spakovsky

By the Numbers: 4 Key Points About Birthright Citizenship - Fred Lucas

'Medicare-for-All': A Disaster - Betsy McCaughey

The Electoral College Debate - Walter E. Williams

Of Course The Liberal Mob Is Real - Derek Hunter

Don't Look for Civility Unless Democrats Win in November - Michael Barone

Real Economics - Walter E. Williams

Blood on the Blades: Is Bird Life Facing Global Catastrophe from Wind Turbines? - Vijay Jayaraj

The Party of Trump Wins Street Brawl - Wayne Allyn Root

Gun Control Advocates Are Spending Big Money to Influence Midterms - John R. Lott, Jr.

'White Male Privilege,' RIP - Larry Elder

I Didn’t Vote for Trump in 2016 But I’m Skipping to the Polls in 2020 to Vote for Him - Kimberly Fletcher

Democrats' Sham Impeachment Plan - Betsy McCaughey

Racial Disparities in School Discipline - Walter E. Williams

Lock Them Out! - Wayne Allyn Root

A Trillion-Dollar Blunder - Stephen Moore

The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades - Frank Hawkins

Explaining the Left, Part IV: Leftist Contempt for Middle-Class Values - Dennis Prager

Giving Away Money Won’t End Poverty, but It Will Destroy Something Special About America - Jarrett Stepman

Massive Migrant Caravan Keeps Proving Trump Right on Border Policy - Ben Shapiro

Kyrsten Sinema: Stay-At-Home Moms 'Leech Off Their Husbands' - Hank Berrien

EXCLUSIVE: 'Gosnell' Being Dropped From Movie Theaters Despite Solid Performance - Paul Bois

On the Street: We Went to a Trump Rally. Here Are the Stories No One Tells. - Video Team

University Corruption - Walter E. Williams

What Does Female Empowerment Mean? - Dennis Prager

When I First Realized America Is Exceptional - Dennis Prager

Democrats' New Strategy: Destroy The Institutions Of American Government - Ben Shapiro

A Rape Survivor Just Won the Nobel Peace Prize. ‘Feminists’ Are Nowhere to Be Found. - Kelsey Harkness

'OUR ATTACK IS MERELY THE BEGINNING': Antifa Vandalizes NYC GOP Headquarters, Warns Of More Violence - Hank Berrien

This New Study About The Unpopularity Of Political Correctness Will Shock You - Ben Shapiro

The History Russians and Communists Want Us to Forget - Jarrett Stepman

Kavanaugh Will Join The Supreme Court And Republicans Have The 2018 Momentum. Here's Why. - Ben Shapiro

Exposing the six lies of Roe v. Wade that led to legal abortion - Nancy Flanders

How We Know That Christine Ford Is A Liar - Matt Walsh

How ‘Diversity Ideology’ Killed the University and Is Infecting America - Daniel Davis

How Trump Rescued Our Economy From Obama’s ‘New Normal’ - Michael Busler

Two Believable Testimonies, No Corroborating Evidence | Opinion - Ben Shapiro

Prosecutor Who Questioned Ford Shreds Her Case In Five-Page Memo - Ryan Saavedra

Kavanaugh and the case for mistaken identity - Mike Huckabee

Uh, Did Anyone Catch This Glaring Plot Hole In The Latest Accusation Against Kavanaugh?; UPDATE: Another Shoe To Drop? - Matt Vespa

Bloom Energy’s 'Tangled Web' - Paul Driessen

Are We on the Verge of Civil War? - Victor Davis Hanson

The Political Lynching of Brett Kavanaugh - Wayne Allyn Root

The New York Times' Nikki Haley Smear Vs. The New York Times' G.H.W.B. Smear - Larry Elder

Liberal Elites Are Even Ruining Hamburgers And They Must Be Stopped - Kurt Schlichter

Dems Winning Votes With Big Lie About Pre-Existing Conditions - Betsy McCaughey

The Left Is Running on Empty - Cal Thomas

Stephen King Exposes The REAL Reason The Left Hates Kavanaugh In Two Tweets - Amanda Prestigiacomo

Segregation Is Back With a Vengeance on Campus. Academic Liberals Made It Happen. - Walter E. Williams

The Only Thing That Matters to Liberals Is Preventing Trump’s Nominee From Joining Supreme Court - Thomas Jipping

The Media’s War on Brett Kavanaugh Hits Another Low - Jarrett Stepman

How Solar and Wind Mandates Tax the Poor and Middle Class - Stephen Moore

The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored - Dennis Prager

Liberalism Is A Social (Media) Disease - Derek Hunter

Keep Carbon Taxes in the Ground - Paul Driessen

Nike Pays Kaepernick to Peddle False, Harmful Narrative of Police Brutality - Larry Elder

A Personal Story of the Obama Economy vs Trump Economy - Wayne Allyn Root

Trump: The Worst Racist of All Time - Wayne Allyn Root

Give Trump the Nobel Prize for Economics - Stephen Moore

Is the President a Bad Role Model for Children? - Dennis Prager

I Left My Shoes In San Francisco - Kurt Schlichter

The Battle Liberals Have Wanted From The Beginning Is Here (but they won't like it!) - Kevin McCullough

Dear Barack Obama, Welcome Back - Derek Hunter

I Really Don’t Feel Like Submitting To Socialist Tyranny. Do You? - Kurt Schlichter

Failing CDC Lets Infants Die From Infection - Betsy McCaughey

Nike vs In-n-Out: The Silent Majority Have Spoken - Wayne Allyn Root

The Threat of Tariffs May Work - Stephen Moore

South Africa Question - Walter E. Williams

Screaming and Whining Aren't Strategies - Ben Shapiro

Endangerment Finding delenda est - Paul Driessen

The Truth Will Set Us All Free - Victor Davis Hanson

Guess Who Just Paid For The Wall? Mexico! - Wayne Allyn Root

The Rule of Law Is a Sick Joke - Kurt Schlichter

Why We Couldn’t Create Our Constitution Today - John York

Republicans Can, Must Keep Control in Midterms - Star Parker

Immigrants and Disease - Walter E. Williams

What Nonreligious People Get Wrong About Religious People - Ben Shapiro

Double Standards - Cal Thomas

Don't Let the Fed End the Trump Prosperity - Stephen Moore

Police Officers Are Not Disproportionately Killing Black Men—Here Are the Facts - John R. Lott, Jr.

It’s Time For A Conservative Purge - Kurt Schlichter

Why The Liberal Dilemma Leads To A Democratic Demise - Kevin McCullough

How Many Dead Americans Will Make Liberals Care? - Derek Hunter

Brett Kavanaugh’s Opponents Aren’t Really Against Him. They’re Against the Constitution. - Walter E. Williams

America Has Strayed From Founders’ Vision for Economic Freedom and Limited Government, Walter Williams Says - Rachel del Guidice

Newly Disclosed Strzok-Page Texts Shed New Light on ‘Media Leak Strategy’ at FBI, Justice - Hans von Spakovskyc

Senator Durbin Blames GOP For Chicago Gun Violence. James Woods Smokes Him. - Ryan Saavedra

Proof Liberals are a Danger to All of Us - Wayne Allyn Root

The Bombs of August - Victor Davis Hanson

Analysis: Clouds Darken Over Trump, But Does the Current Evidence Justify Impeachment? - Guy Benson

Trump Haters and Their Double Standards - Larry Elder

The November Election Is About Illegal Alien Crime - Kurt Schlichter

Town Suffering Economic Hardship After Restaurant Kicked Sarah Sanders Out - Ryan Saavedra

South African Farmer Reports on What Is Really Happening in His Country Regarding Land Seizure - Virginia Allen

The Senate’s Unremembered Ex-POW - Joseph P. Duggan

GOOD TRUMP: President Lends Air Force Two To McCain Family To Bring Body Of Senator To D.C. - Joseph Curl

Bad Men, Good Presidents - Walter E. Williams

Do Politics Matter? - Ben Shapiro

Brennan: Okay, I Didn't Necessarily Mean Trump Committed Real Treason, But I 'Stand Very Much By' Saying So - Guy Benson

Who's the Cleanest of Them All - Stephen Moore

Explaining The Left, Part III: Leftism As Secular Religion - Dennis Prager

A Double Ban Gets a Double Whammy - Paul Driessen

The Double Standards Of Postmodern Justice - Victor Davis Hanson

Comedy Threatens Liberalism So Liberals Want To Kill It - Kurt Schlichter

Urban Violence Begins in Broken Homes - Star Parker

Enough's Enough - Walter E. Williams

What to Do About the Growing Popularity of Socialism - Brad Wenstrup

Andrew Cuomo’s Contempt for America Is Normal on the Left - Dennis Prager

Democrats Are Leaving Their Party in Droves. Conservatives Should Pay Attention. - Jeff Walyus

The Left Doesn't Suffer From Trump Derangement Syndrome Or Bush Derangement Syndrome. They've Got A Terminal Case Of Republican Derangement Syndrome. - Ben Shapiro

A Good President With Character Flaws - Walter E. Williams

Bombshell Report: FBI Never Examined Vast Majority Of Emails On Weiner's Laptop, Despite Comey's Claims - James Barrett

Twitter's Dorsey: I Want To Reduce 'Echo Chambers' By Controlling What You See - Ben Shapiro

Obama Carbon Colonialism and Climate Corruption Continue, Part 2 - Paul Driessen

They Are Not Never Trump – They Are Never You - Kurt Schlichter

It’s Been A Bad Week For Liberals - Derek Hunter

Chicago’s Violence More Proof of How Liberal-Controlled Cities Have Let Down Black Americans - Walter E. Williams

Obama Carbon Colonialism and Climate Corruption Continue, Part 1 - Paul Driessen

Democratic Socialism Is Wrong for America - Michael Busler

Britain’s Inability to Handle Last Year’s Flu Season Shows Perils of Socialized Medicine - Kevin Pham & Robert Moffit

Is Collusion Criminal? - Ben Shapiro

Every Planet Fitness Member Needs to Read This Shocking Story - Michael Brown

The New York Times Hires Left-Wing Bigot for Its Editorial Board - Larry Elder

The Elite Freaks Out When Trump Puts Americans First - Kurt Schlichter

Electric Grid Hacking More Perilous Than Election Hacking - Betsy McCaughey

Climate Change and Disappearing Islands—Let’s Return to Reality - Vijay Jayaraj

Advice For The President - Cal Thomas

Colleges: A Force for Evil - Walter E. Williams

WATCH: President Trump Stuns Firefighters By Stopping His Motorcade to Thank Them - Guy Benson

Finally! Some Fuel Economy Common Sense - Paul Driessen

Trump Rules Make Driving Safer And Cheaper - Stephen Moore

Pope Francis Rewrites Catholicism ... and the Bible - Dennis Prager

Here's A List Of People Who STILL Have Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Despite Scandals - Joseph Curl

Double Standards Are The Only Standards Liberals Have - Derek Hunter

The Scaremongering Over 3D Guns Has Little to Do With Reality - David Harsanyi

Liberals Against Freedom of Conscience - Michael Barone

Some Ideas To Think About - Walter E. Williams

Being a Socialist Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry - Ben Shapiro

Democrat Socialists and Their Single-Payer Healthcare Agenda - Hal Scherz

Liberals Called Trump Mentally Unfit, Now They’re Being Treated for ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ - Mike LaChance

What's Not To Like About Trump Policies? - Cal Thomas

Everyone Hates Trump - Wayne Allyn Root

Trump's Trade Triumph - Stephen Moore

Michael Moore and His Ever-Changing Lies - Phelim McAleer

What Are Your Child's Passions? - Dennis Prager

Millennial Socialism: Stupid, Evil, or Both? - Kurt Schlichter

REPORT: Feinstein's Personal Driver Of 20 Years Was A Chinese Spy - Amanda Prestigiacomo

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Education: The Homeschooling Option - Liam Sigler

Trevor Noah Asks Ocasio-Cortez: 'How Do You Pay for All These Ideas?' - Lauretta Brown

CNN Gets Slapped With Reality Asking About The Last Time A President Sided With America’s Enemies - Matt Vespa

Environmentalist Scare Stories – Never Mind! - Paul Driessen

Can We Trust Experts? - Walter E. Williams

The Policy of Unintended Consequences - Ben Shapiro

Conservatives Reject Unilateral Disarmament In The Face Of Liberal Social Fascism - Kurt Schlichter

Inflation to Hit 1 Million Percent in Collapsing, Socialist Venezuela - Jarrett Stepman

Ocasio-Cortez Makes Most Idiotic Statement Ever On Twitter - Ryan Saavedra

The Clinton State Department’s Major Security Breach That Everyone Is Ignoring - Hans von Spakovsky

Turning Luddite Eco-Imperialism into a Virtue - Paul Driessen

Immigrants Change Cultures -- Whether New Yorkers in Florida or Latinos in America - Dennis Prager

Get a Grip, Democrats - David Harsanyi

'Russian Collusion' by Saul Alinsky - Wayne Allyn Root

NATO's Challenge Is Germany, Not America - Victor Davis Hanson

The Trump/Putin Summit Is the Worst Thing Ever...Until the Next Worst Thing Ever - Kurt Schlichter

The Janus Decision Scored a Major Win for Workers’ Rights. Here’s What Should Come Next. - David Kreutzer

The Immigration Scandal No One Is Talking About - Mark Metcalf

There They Go Again: The Left Uses Old Scare Tactics Against Supreme Court Nominee - Thomas Jipping

Democrats Don’t Fear Brett Kavanaugh. They Fear the Constitution. - David Harsanyi

Reduce, Freeze or Eliminate CAFÉ Fuel Standards - Paul Driessen

Black Motorists Lying on Cops -- Who's Doing the 'Racial Profiling'? - Larry Elder

What’s Wrong With Common Core Math? - Jane Robbins

Will More Blacks Vote Republican? - Star Parker

Past Versus Present Americans - Walter E. Williams

JUST IN: In A Massive Purge, Jeff Sessions On The Verge Of Cleaning Shop At The DOJ - DC Statesman

The Dirt On Colonoscopies - Betsy McCaughey

Supreme Court: Be Polite When You Violate Others' Rights - Ben Shapiro

Different Standards for the Left - Cal Thomas

The Trump Miracle - Wayne Allyn Root

6 Reasons to Still Hate Obamacare - Stephen Moore

Google's New Slogan - Dennis Prager

Conservatives Must Build Their Own Culture or Be Exiles Inside Their Own Society - Kurt Schlichter

Speculative Climate Chaos v. Indisputable Fossil Fuel Benefits - Paul Driessen

Danger of Authoritarianism May Come From the Center, Not the Right - Michael Barone

The Carnivores of Civil Liberties - Victor Davis Hanson

Roseanne Is Out? Explain Maher, Sharpton and Olbermann - Larry Elder

‘Experts’ Rank US in Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women—Almost as Bad as Nigeria - Kelsey Harkness

Exclusive — The Hard-Left Takeover in Mexico - Dick Morris

Defeating The Top Five Obnoxious Liberal Argument Cheats - Kurt Schlichter

Here’s All The Proof You Need That Democrats Never Cared About Separation Of Illegal Immigrant Children From Parents - Ben Shapiro

The Media Are Lying About Trump Separating Illegal Immigrant Families. Here’s The Truth. - Ben Shapiro>

Fact Checking 4 Claims About Detaining Children at the Border - Fred Lucas

The Mojo of Trumponomics - Stephen Moore

Capitalism vs. Socialism - Walter E. Williams

Real Conservatives Refuse To Kneel Before Their Liberal Overlords - Kurt Schlichter

Dear Democrats, Donald Trump Actually Loves This Country - Kevin McCullough

It’s Time to Impeach the President - Wayne Allyn Root

Public Forums Should Be Open and Uncensored - Paul Driessen

Can We Hope To Keep Our Republic When One Of The Parties Supports Tyranny? - Kurt Schlichter

Democratic Strategist: Uh, Guys, Swing Voters Don't Really Care About the Russia Saga - Guy Benson

Trade Deals Must Protect Intellectual Property Rights - Stephen Moore

Liberalism’s Impact on Abhorrent Behavior - Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

Why the Left Won't Call Anyone 'Animals' - Dennis Prager

Liberal Lies And Slanders Are A Slippery Slope To Trouble - Kurt Schlichter

The Deep State Is Real, And Much Bigger Than You Know - Derek Hunter

Billionaire and liberal operative George Soros laments Hillary’s loss, failure of his other agendas - Teri Webster

Left-Wing Media Now Hate Trump More than They Hate Bloodthirsty Gangs - Justin Haskins

5 Ways America's Success is Ruining Our Culture - John Hawkins

Irony: Abortion Leaders Condemn Trump for Not Recognizing MS-13 As People - Lauretta Brown

UN Redefines What It Means to Be a ‘Human’ - Elyssa Koren

CNN, AP Update Tweets Saying Trump Called Immigrants 'Animals,' Clarify He Meant MS-13 - Lauretta Brown

'Evil' GE Foods and 'Eco-Friendly' Organics - Paul Driessen

Liberals' worst nightmare: a second supreme court pick for Trump - Sabrina Siddiqui

The Coarsening of Political Language - Cal Thomas

State of the Midterms - Scott Rasmussen

Fake Russian Ads Stoked Racial Tensions -- Race-Hustling Democrats 'Colluded' - Larry Elder

Suicide By Liberalism - Derek Hunter

Why Do Liberals Think We Are Morally Obligated To Die To Make Them Happy? - Kurt Schlichter

I Love Carbon Dioxide and You Should Too - Gregory Wrightstone

WaPo: Dems Now Openly Fretting About Rising Trump Approval, Deteriorating 2018 Prospects - Guy Benson

As Obamacare Premiums Soar, Dems Lie - Betsy McCaughey

Foreword -- Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other - Victor Davis Hanson

Planned Parenthood Sues Iowa Over 'Beyond Extreme' Law Banning Abortion After Heartbeat Is Detected - Lauretta Brown

Bernie Sanders Tries to Explain His Vote for John Brennan in Light of Haspel Obstruction - Cortney O'Brien

Hmm: Have Republicans Caught James Comey in a Bald-Faced Lie? - Guy Benson

Who Turned Off the Lights? - Stephen Moore

Cornell Student Presents Senior Thesis In Her Underwear - Dennis Prager

Media Spreading FAKE NEWS by Calling Palestinian Violence “Protest” - Marina Medvin

Oops: Planned Parenthood's Outgoing President Dismembers Own Talking Point - Guy Benson

Brutalized by Trump’s Winning, Liberals Nip at Conservatives’ Ankles - Kurt Schlichter

It Is Time For John McCain to Retire - Derek Hunter

President Barack Obama’s Legacy: ‘It’s Like I Wasn’t Even Here’ - Hannah Bishop

The Ethanol Gravy Train Rolls On - Paul Driessen

Explaining Why Liberals Are So Desperate To Find Things to Be Offended About - John Hawkins

The Tyranny of the Elites - Laura Hollis

Obama. Erased. - Wayne Allyn Root

The Haspel Obstacle: Enhanced Interrogations Are Not 'Torture' - Mark Davis

Analysis: Why Tuesday's Primary Results Are Good News for Republicans - Guy Benson

Bill Nye the Abortion Guy Headlines Planned Parenthood Lunch, Talks Population Control - Lauretta Brown

Democrats' War on Capitalism - Larry Elder

Obama Posts Long Lecture About Trump Destroying His Iran Legacy - Katie Pavlich

Flashback: Even Democrats Thought Obama's Iran Deal Was Total Garbage - Matt Vespa

Before and After Welfare Handouts - Walter E. Williams

Ben Carson Is About to Get Sued for Suspending This Obama-Era Rule - Cortney O'Brien

The Day the Iran Deal Died - Ben Shapiro

Thank You, Anti-Gun Liberals: NRA Annual Meeting Broke Attendance Records & They Have A New President - Matt Vespa

The Exhaustion Factor - Cal Thomas

The Internet Under Siege - Stephen Moore

The War on Wisdom - Dennis Prager

Americans Are Experiencing The Benefits of Tax Reform - Rep. David Brat

The Consequences of Historical Ignorance - Jarrett Stepman

An Eagle Scout Explains the Fatal Folly of Taking the ‘Boy’ out of Boy Scouts - Scott Morefield

Why Science and Experience Command That You Buy an 'Assault Rifle' - Kurt Schlichter

The Top 7 Reasons Why Mueller Should Go - Kevin McCullough

The Decline and Fall of the American Teachers Unions - Arthur Schaper

Liberalism Must Be Destroyed - Derek Hunter

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The Smaller the Citizen

Those who do not confront evil
resent those who do

Good intensions often have unintended consequences

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