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Shocker: Raising the Minimum Wage Doesn't Help Fight Poverty - Christine Rousselle

Texas AG Moves to Block Obama Admin’s Plea To Hear Immigration Case - Cortney O'Brien

Taking Stock - Cal Thomas

Starnes: 10 Stories That Fired Up America in 2015 - Todd Starnes

MSNBC In 2015: A Tremendous Year In Stupidity - Matt Vespa

A View of the Second Amendment from Russia - Dennis Shestov

If Obama Moves With Illegal Gun Control, His Legacy Sentencing Reform Bill Must be Killed - Michael Hammond

"Homogenized" US Warming Trend May Be Grossly Exaggerated - Patrick J. Michaels

For Obama, It's Not Delusion, It's Purpose - Ben Shapiro

Misleading and Using Blacks - Walter E. Williams

An American Agenda versus a Liberal Progressive Ideological Agenda - Allen West

Equality Babble - Bill Murchison

Obama's Cuba Policy Makes Life Worse for Cubans - Jeff Jacoby

'I'm Not Ready to Get Married' - Dennis Prager

The Scientific Consensus Has Been Dead-Wrong on Oil - Stephen Moore

Supreme Court Grapples, Once Again, With Redistricting - Michael Barone

Samuel L. Jackson Admits He 'Really Wanted' San Bernardino Terrorists to Be White - Leah Barkoukis

Remembering 2015 - Thomas Sowell

Foreign Affairs Committee Wonders Why State Dept May Not Include Christians on Genocide Victim List - Cortney O'Brien

America's Hidden Jihad - Daniel Pipes

The Early Returns on the Iran Deal - Cliff May

Set The Tree On Fire: Some College Students Think The Song 'White Christmas' Is Racist - Matt Vespa

Norway Officials to New Muslim Male Refugees: FYI, Rape is Wrong In Our Country - Katie Pavlich

Hillary Is the Islamic State's Best Recruitment Tool - Ben Shapiro

White House Inadvertently Admits That a Child Is a Child 'Even Before Birth' - Terry Jeffrey

Immorality and Contempt for Liberty - Walter E. Williams

Saying 'Merry Christmas' Is Very Important - Dennis Prager

The Dick Durbin Internet Tax - Stephen Moore

The Busybody Left - Thomas Sowell

20 Ways To Tell If You Might Be A Liberal - John Hawkins

Poll: Voters Sour on Obama, Reject Gun Control Amid Terrorism Fears - Guy Benson>

Oh Goodie: Obama Expected To Do Something On Gun Laws After Christmas - Matt Vespa

The Omnibus Spending Bill: A Gaping Hole - Allen West

Terrific: Feds Have No Clue If 9500 People With Revoked Visas and Links to Terrorism Are in U.S. - Katie Pavlich

Shocker: As Gun Ownership Hits Record Highs, There's Fewer Murders Than Ever - Christine Rousselle

Reminder: Obama Administration Use of Private Email is a Long Held Habit - Katie Pavlich

The ACLU Finally Supports Real Liberties - Ken Blackwell

What's Eating America? - Jonah Goldberg

No, There Won't Be a Brokered National Convention - Michael Barone

'Mismatched' Black Students Pay the Price of Affirmative Action - Jeff Jacoby

Explaining Why Trump Will be President- Up Close & Personal - Wayne Allyn Root

More Hillary Chronicles - Judge Andrew Napolitano

A Hollywood Christmas Story - Larry Elder

Families of Terrorists See No Evil, Speak No Evil - Victor Davis Hanson

Rejecting False Liberal Choices - Robert Knight

Security Dies Where Multiculturalism Thrives - Ben Shapiro

Our Timid Military Leaders - Walter E. Williams

The Yin and Yang of Politics - Allen West

Hot Air in Paris - Cal Thomas

Why Don't Republicans Identify What They Are Fighting? - Dennis Prager

What, Exactly, Is a Fascist? - Stephen Moore

Questions Legitimate Journalists Should Be Asking Hillary Clinton - Michael Barone

Attacking the Truth: Part II - Thomas Sowell

Debunking 5 Phony Statistics Liberals Love To Toss Around - John Hawkins

UPDATE: Fearing 'Bad Public Relations,' Obama Administration Barred Officials From Screening Foreign Visa Applicants' Social Media - Guy Benson

Climate Change - Rich Galen

More Guns, Less Tyranny - Gabriella Hoffman

I’ve Changed. This Is War. Seal the Borders. Stop the Visas. - Larry Kudlow

Keep America Safe by Simplifying Legal Immigration System - Helen Raleigh

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Honors Fidel Castro and Che Guevara - Humberto Fontova

Disorder in Sharia Courts - Cal Thomas

Why I Joined the NRA Yesterday - John Hawkins

Kurt Russell: Gun Control Won't Stop Terrorists - Christine Rousselle

Playing Jihad Roulette: Which Muslims are Dangerous? - Joy Overbeck

How The Senate Just Changed The Obamacare Debate Forever - Nicholas Horton

Obama Signs Education Bill That Actually Hands Power Back To The States - Cortney O'Brien

Stop Terrorists from Killing Americans, Not Americans from Owning Guns - Ken Blackwell

Obama Is the Greatest Republican Salesman in History - Wayne Allyn Root

Wishing Terrorism Away - Larry Elder

High School Administrator: I Must ‘Protect’ My Students From Ben Shapiro’s Ideas - Matt Vespa

Public Discontent Has Fueled the Trump Phenomenon - Victor Davis Hanson

Americans Have Bought Over 100 Million Guns During Obama's Presidency - Matt Vespa

Should We Religiously Profile? - Ben Shapiro

Chicago Police Scandal Highlights Problems with One-Party Rule - Jonah Goldberg

Scholars Shine New Light on Old Truths for Fighting Poverty - Star Parker

Farook Was Obsessed With Israel --What Else Do We Need to Know? - Dennis Prager

Email Released by Judicial Watch Shows Military Forces Were Immediately Ready To Move Night of Benghazi - Katie Pavlich

Squandered Resources on College Education - Walter E. Williams

Hillary: No, I Didn't Blame the Video in My Meeting With Benghazi Families - Guy Benson

White House: Reinstating 'Assault' Weapons Ban to Prevent Terrorism is Common Sense - Katie Pavlich

Clinton's Budget Blowout - Stephen Moore

Democrats' Problem: Americans Have Little Faith in Government - Michael Barone

The President's Speech Thomas Sowell

Intelligence Official on ISIS: 'If the Public Knew the Truth, Obama Would be Impeached' - Guy Benson

NYT: Americans With Assault Rifles Should 'Give Them Up For The Good Of Their Fellow Citizens' - Matt Vespa

Environmentalism is the "New Age" Socialism - Helen Raleigh

False Answers on Mass Shootings - Steve Chapman

The Worst Reactions to San Bernardino - Stephen Self

FBI Director: No Indication San Bernardino Shooters Are Part Of Larger Group Or Cell - Matt Vespa

Call It Islamist Terrorism, Mr. President - Linda Chavez

Barbara Boxer After California Attack: 'Sensible Gun Laws Work. We've Proven It in California.' - Guy Benson

Liberal Media Is Once Again Completely Wrong About Gun Violence - Matt Vespa

Spoiler Alert: California Already Has Obama's Fantasy Gun Control Utopia - Katie Pavlich

The State of Play in the Republican Race - Michael Barone

Planned Parenthood and Those Villainous Christians - Jonah Goldberg

Chicagoland: A Tale of 2 Tragedies - Larry Elder

Obama: ISIS is Contained; Joint Chiefs Chairman: No They're Not. - Guy Benson

How Do You Define Victory Against Islamic Terrorism? You Focus on Climate Change - Allen West

More U.S. Boots Headed For The Ground in Iraq, Syria For Combat Roles - Katie Pavlich

President Obama's Imaginary World - Ben Shapiro

Can We Learn From Europe? - Walter E. Williams

A Sober Reflection on Appropriate Measures to Counteract ISIS - Armstrong Williams

The Greatest Environmental Threat To The Planet? Liberals - Susan Stamper Brown

A Response to a Black Student at Columbia - Dennis Prager

A Resurgence of Intolerance - Thomas Sowell

Illogical Spins on the Logic of Diversity - Jonah Goldberg

15 Excerpts That Show How Radical, Weird And Out of Touch College Campuses Have Become - John Hawkins

Abortions Are at Historic Lows in U.S. - Christine Rousselle

Unreal: Anti-Gun DC Police Chief Urges Public to ‘Take Down’ Active Gunman If Possible - Leah Barkoukis

The 'Get Trump' Show Will Fail - Matt Towery

Washington’s First Thanksgiving and the Foundation of Free Speech - Erik Telford

10 Tips to Survive Today's College Campus, or: Everything You Need to Know About College Microaggressions - Larry Elder

Importing Terrorism and Other American Values - Ann Coulter

I'm Thankful for Fracking - Isaac Orr

The Death of Free Speech - Ben Shapiro

Thank Liberals for Today's Chaotic and Dangerous World - Star Parker

Obamacare Troubles a Gift to 2016 Candidates - Byron York

Free Speech - Walter E. Williams

Political Translations - Thomas Sowell

Obamacare Architect: Okay Fine, Our Law Isn't Controlling Costs - Guy Benson

American Universities Begin to Implode - Dennis Prager

Who Created These Campus Whiners? - Stephen Moore

Top Democrat: ISIS Threat Has 'Gotten Worse' Under Obama's Policies - Guy Benson

The Disappearing Governors - Thomas Sowell

Kerry Claims Al Qaeda Is 'Neutralized' Before Mali Attack - Leah Barkoukis

Of Course: Millennials Are More Likely Than Any Other Generation To Support Censoring Offensive Speech - Matt Vespa

Mr. President, This is Offensive - Helen Raleigh

If We Want to Destroy ISIS, We Can Destroy ISIS - Larry Kudlow

Watch: The Brazen Arrogance of Illegal Immigrants - Leigh Wolf

Hillary: Muslims 'Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terrorism' - Guy Benson

Reminder: Dozens of Aviation Workers Were Found On The Terrorism Watch List - Katie Pavlich

Ben Shapiro to Whiney Mizzou Students: Toughen Up Spoiled Children - Katie Pavlich

Obama Gets Really Angry ... at Americans - Michael Barone

Strike Back At ISIS and All Forms of Islamic Extremism - Ken Blackwell

Obama's Strategic Bumbling is Theater of the Absurd - Jonah Goldberg

Christian Colleges and Universities Need to Walk the Walk on Pro-Life Issues - Kristan Hawkins

Attkisson Source: Obama Is Flat Out Refusing to Hear Intel on Islamic Terror Groups - Katie Pavlich

Trump: Not Only our Right, But our Duty to Carry Firearms - Justin Holcomb

Poll: As Obama Digs In, Americans Strongly Reject His Refugee Policy - Guy Benson

Unjust New Abortion Law in California - Jerry Newcombe

The Paris Attacks and the Rise of ISIS - Larry Elder

The Race to Riot on College Campuses - Cal Thomas

When the Third World Attacks - Ann Coulter

Kerry: At Least With Charlie Hebdo, There Was a 'Legitimacy' -- Err, 'Rationale' -- Behind the Attack - Guy Benson

Obama: I Hope To Make Gun Control a Dominant Issue in 2016 - Katie Pavlich

No, It Is Not Un-American to Prefer Christian Refugees to Muslim Refugees - Ben Shapiro

Obama Stubbornly Sticks to Script on Islamic State - Jonah Goldberg

We're not Islamophobic, Mr. Obama, we just don't want to get blown up - Todd Starnes

Education Disaster - Walter E. Williams

National Security Insanity: Doing the Same Thing and Believing the Enemy Will Be Nice and Play Along - Allen West

Poll: Americans Still Oppose Obamacare, Uninsured Are Least Impressed - Guy Benson

Speech Codes, 'Civility' and the Decline of Academe - Paul Greenberg

Paris a 'Sickening Setback' for Obama - Debra J. Saunders

The Left and the Attack on Paris - Dennis Prager

Hey, Donald Trump: Wages Aren't Too High! - Stephen Moore

An Unhappy History Seems to Be Repeating Itself - Michael Barone

Random Thoughts - Thomas Sowell

Stop the Bleeding - Thomas Sowell

Hillary: If I Hadn't Taken Big Wall Street Donations, the 9/11 Terrorists Would've Won, Or Something - Guy Benson

Obama: The Current [Failing] Strategy We're Putting Forward Against ISIS Is Ultimately The One That Will Work - Katie Pavlich

ISIS Is Contained, President Obama? - Susan Stamper Brown

My Rant on the University of Missouri - Steve Deace

The Red Guards on American Campus - Helen Raleigh

Forced Voting Follies - Jonah Goldberg

An Open Letter To All The Fragile College Students In Their Safe Spaces - John Hawkins

The hypocrisy of smoking bans - Tammy Bruce

Madness: More Campuses Gripped By 'Safe Space' Warriors' Anti-Freedom Hysteria - Guy Benson

The First Amendment Is Dying - David Harsanyi

Snowflakes or Fascists? - Mona Charen

WH: Oh, You Bet We're Still Considering Closing Gitmo By Executive Order - Guy Benson

FBI Probe of Hillary Clinton Expands Again: New Potential Felonies Over False Statements - Katie Pavlich

The False Narrative of White Privilege - D.W. Wilber

The Video that will Rip Chicago Apart - John Kass

The President and the Rule of Law - Judge Andrew Napolitano

WH Blasts Court Ruling Striking Down Obama's Executive Amnesty, Of Course - Guy Benson

While Awaiting Deportation, MS-13 Illegal Alien Released By Feds Assaults Sheriff Deputy in Maryland - Katie Pavlich

The Leftist Tree Must Be Watered With Blood at Mizzou - Ben Shapiro

Why Do Working Americans Support Job-Killing Democrats? - Star Parker

Campus Commotions Show We're Raising Fragile Kids - Jonah Goldberg

Attacking Our Founders - Walter E. Williams

Report: FBI Escalates 'Full Blown Investigation' Into Hillary's Unsecure Email Server - Guy Benson

UNREAL: Mass Media Professor Demands "Some Muscle" To Remove Reporter From Mizzou Protest Camp - Katie Pavlich

The War On Girls' Privacy - Susan Stamper Brown

Keystone Kaput For Now - Cal Thomas

Why I Am in Israel -- and Why You Should Be - Dennis Prager

Obama Earns a D on Handling Economy - Stephen Moore

Surge of Democratic Turnout Has Yet to Appear - Michael Barone

Another Weekend, Another String Of Shootings In Chicago - Matt Vespa

The Ben Carson Flaps - Thomas Sowell

GOP Sens Warn: Gitmo Transfers May Be Placed in Prison “2 to 3 Minutes” from Elementary School - Cortney O'Brien

White House Not Sure If Closing GITMO With Executive Order is Constitutional, Hints Obama Might Do It Anyway - Katie Pavlich

Bevin Will Issue Executive Order to Remove Clerk Names from Kentucky Marriage Licenses - Leah Barkoukis

Liberal Media: Everyone In Houston Is A Bigot - Matt Vespa

Uh Oh: Hillary Signed Agreement Carrying Legal Action If There Was 'Any Unauthorized Disclosure' of Classified Information - Matt Vespa

The New Dumb Debate: What Counts As 'Hard Work'? - S. E. Cupp

Obama Admin Now Refers to Juvenile Delinquents as 'Justice-Involved Youth' - Leah Barkoukis

Liberals' Response to Dissent: 'Shut Up' - Michael Barone

Report: Cheapest Obamacare Plans' Costs Are 'Soaring' - Guy Benson

CNBC Biased? You Don't Say! - Larry Elder

OK, Who Ordered the Mexican Heroin? - Ann Coulter

Republicans vs. The Media - Ben Shapiro

Feminization of America Is Bad for the World - Dennis Prager

How Ted Cruz Changed the Presidential Campaign Landscape - Star Parker

Scandal Watch: VA Officials Plead the Fifth Over Abuse, Waste - Guy Benson

Destroying Your Vote - Walter E. Williams

Report: New Emails 'Conflict With' Hillary's Benghazi Testimony - Guy Benson

Tax Reform Is Having a Comeback - Stephen Moore

What Happens When an Irresistible Force Meets an Immoveable Object? - Michael Barone

Ignoring the Obvious - Thomas Sowell

Feds Rule to Force High School Girls to Undress Next to Naked Boys Who Think They’re Girls - Ben Shapiro

The New York Times Keeps Getting Its Gun Facts Shockingly Wrong - John Lott

Will the GOP ever fight? - Judson Phillips

Political Correctness ruins Halloween and America. - Judson Phillips

Lies, damn lies and anything you hear from #blacklivesmatter - Judson Phillips

Boehner's Swan Song: An Ugly, Obama-Endorsed Budget 'Compromise' - Guy Benson

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Downing Russian Plane - Leah Barkoukis

Behold: The Most Tone-Deaf Analysis of China's One-Child Policy - Christine Rousselle

Spoiler Alert: Government Warns Pumpkins and Jack-o'-Lanterns Cause Global Warming - Katie Pavlich

Hillary Tries to Walk-Back Her Asinine Comments About VA Scandal - Katie Pavlich

Systemic: New IG Report Finds More Mismanagement, Abuse at VA - Guy Benson

The Obama Administration: Religious Freedoms for American Muslims, Not American Christians - Michael Brown

Power to Walk Away Matters More than the Right to Vote - Scott Rasmussen

CBS Anchor to Rubio: What Do You Mean Hillary 'Lied' About Benghazi? - Guy Benson

Being A Minority And A Conservative Is Not a Contradiction - Jonah Goldberg

Free Stuff Can Turn Out to Be a Bad Buy - Michael Barone

Wake Up America: Democrats at War with We The People - Lloyd Marcus

Protest Photos From The People's Republic of Boulder - Katie Pavlich

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, But They Shouldn't Be President - Ann Coulter

Obama: I'm Not Going To Take Your Guns Away - Matt Vespa

Obama's IRS: "Where Criminals Go Free and Americans Fear Their Government" - Katie Pavlich

Why Are Progressives Afraid Of The First Amendment? - Susan Stamper Brown

Very Bad Things are Happening on Obama’s Border - Wayne Allyn Root

Women Have Suffered More Under Obama Policies - Stephen Moore

Clinton Paying a Price Now for Her 2012 Lies About Benghazi - Michael Barone

Benghazi Came Up Short In Showdown With Hillary Clinton - Byron York

Hillary 2.0 - Thomas Sowell

The Potential Trouble In The Middle East No One Is Talking About - Susan Calloway Knowles

Tapper to PLO Official: If I Charge A Cop With A Knife, He’ll Shoot Me. 'That's How It Works' - Matt Vespa

American History Must Be a Priority in Schools - Callista Gingrich

Lovely: The EPA Spill In Colorado Was Completely Preventable - Matt Vespa

Founder Fathers Thoughts on Islam, In Their Own Words: You’d Think They Were Here Today - Michael Becker

Salon Wants Gun Owners Shot - John Nantz

Hillary Offers Disastrous ObamaCare 2.0 - Ken Blackwell

Clinton: Sidney Blumenthal Wasn’t My Adviser, But He Sent Me A Lot Of Unsolicited Intelligence On Libya - Matt Vespa

Clinton Claims She Didn't Blame Benghazi Attack on a YouTube Video - Katie Pavlich

When It Comes to 'Investing' in Trump, I Was Right, They Were Wrong - Matt Towery

Hey, 'Black Lives Matter' -- Do Black Opinions on Guns Matter? - Larry Elder

Can California Be Saved? - Victor Davis Hanson

Hillary Clinton's Enabler-in-Chief - Jonah Goldberg

Liberal and Progressive Vision - Walter E. Williams

Who are the REAL Palestinians? - Allen West

Politicians' Words - Thomas Sowell

Five Dirty Little Secrets About Hillary That the Media Isn’t Talking About - Ed Klein

Here We Go: Unenforceable Background Checks Being Proposed (Again) For Ammunition Purchases in California - Katie Pavlich

Rewriting American History to Keep Guilt Alive - Robert Knight

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum - Susan Stamper Brown

Another Meeting of Unlike Minds - Cal Thomas

The Democrats' Preoccupation with Inequality - Dennis Prager

Winning the Debt-Limit Fight - Stephen Moore

School: 9-11 Had Nothing to Do with Religion - Todd Starnes

Yale Study Says Fracking Doesn't Contaminate Drinking Water - Matt Vespa

Open Season on the Police - Thomas Sowell

When it Comes to Public Education, What's Normal is Criminal - Helen Raleigh

Report: FBI Investigation of Hillary Emails Focuses on 'Gross Negligence' - Guy Benson

ISIS to Christians in Sweden: 'The Caliphate Is Here', Now 'Convert or Die' - Leah Barkoukis

Clinton: I Was Allowed To Have That Private Email Server That Might Have Harmed National Security, Okay - Matt Vespa

It's Working: WH Forecasts Low Obamacare Enrollment Next Year - Guy Benson

House Oversight Committee Now Has 800GB of Planned Parenthood Footage - Cortney O'Brien

FBI Ticked About Obama's Ignorant Statement Claiming Hillary's Server Didn't Compromise U.S. National Security - Katie Pavlich

Report: FBI Investigation of Hillary Emails Focuses on 'Gross Negligence' - Guy Benson

Video: Hillary Can't Answer Specific Email Questions, Resorts to False Talking Points - Guy Benson

Time For Your Periodic 'Obamacare's Still Failing' Post - Guy Benson

Ben Carson: Clear and Present Danger? - Larry Elder

Hispanics Wouldn't Vote GOP If You Held a Gun To Their Heads - Ann Coulter

The Anti-Jew Anti-Gun Crusade - Ben Shapiro

Who Is a 'Real' Black? - Star Parker

Horror: Palestinian Terrorist Slams Into Israeli Pedestrians With Car, Wields Meat Cleaver - Guy Benson

Wealth, Poverty and Politics - Walter E. Williams

The 'Gun Control' Farce: Part II - Thomas Sowell

AP Confirms: Hillary's Private Server Was Extremely Vulnerable to Hacking - Guy Benson

They Really Hate Ben Carson - Dennis Prager

America's $12 Trillion House of Cards - Stephen Moore

Democrats Are Starting To Line Up Against Obama’s Clean Power Plan - Matt Vespa

The 'Gun Control' Farce - Thomas Sowell

The Economic Fantasies Of Robert Reich - Richard A. Epstein

SCOTUS Watch: 'Assault Weapons' Bans - Matt Vespa

Fmr Planned Parenthood Manager Says PP Views Women's Bodies as 'Profit Centers' - Cortney O'Brien

What Hillary and Obama Don’t Know About Gun Control - Bruce Bialosky

Flip-flops Show Hillary's Long On Ambition, Short on Principles - Jonah Goldberg

Clinton's Leftward Tack on Immigration and Guns Has Risks for November - Michael Barone

What Common-Sense Gun Control Looks Like - Erick Erickson

Bipartisan House Committee Created to Investigate Planned Parenthood - Cortney O'Brien

Shocking Report Reveals Rampant Welfare Fraud in Arkansas - Nicholas Horton

Barack Obama, Jackass - Ben Shapiro

The Rachel Dolezal-ation of the Oregon Killer - Larry Elder

Charlatans and Sheep: Part III - Thomas Sowell

The Problem Isn't Guns Or White Men - Ann Coulter

Connecticut IT Firm Might Have More Of Clinton's Personal Emails - Matt Vespa

The Inconvenient Truth About Umpqua – And It Has Nothing To Do With Guns - Bob Barr

Republicans Should Court Black Voters With Traditional Values - Star Parker

Why Obama Prefers Politicizing To Actual Politics - Jonah Goldberg

Suppressing Free Speech - Walter E. Williams

Charlatans and Sheep: Part II - Thomas Sowell

Obama’s Response to Oregon Shooting: Take Away Our Guns - Susan Stamper Brown

The Right Does Have Answers on Guns, Mr. President - Dennis Prager

Tea Party Wave Left a Ripple Effect Still Felt in Budget - Stephen Moore

Charlatans and Sheep - Thomas Sowell

Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Group Pushes Obama to Take Executive Action on Gun Control - Katie Pavlich

About Those Evil Guns - Kevin McCullough

A Question Every Immigrant Should Ask - Helen Raleigh

Indeed Black Lives Matter-- Especially the Unborn! - Ken Blackwell

Shocker: Pretty Much Everything Obama Said About Gun Violence Was Wrong - Matt Vespa

New Forensic Report Flushes Planned Parenthood’s “Highly Edited” Talking Point - Casey Mattox

Tragedy Reset: New Orleans’ School System - Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Cruz, Rubio and Clarity in the GOP Race - Scott Rasmussen

Putin Cutting Obama Down To Size - Jonah Goldberg

The Dogs That Aren't Barking in the 2016 Campaign - Michael Barone

The Baby Butchers and Their Media Butchers - Michelle Malkin

Germans Having Second Thoughts About Refugees After Major Riots - Leah Barkoukis

The Republican Party's Big Choice - Ben Shapiro

Pelosi Scolds Reporter Over Abortion Question: I'm a Woman and You're Not - Guy Benson

Clearing the Air on Climate Change - Kathleen Hartnett White

To Replace Boehner, Why Not Newt Gingrich for Speaker? - Jonah Goldberg

Defunding Planned Parenthood Takes Leadership - Star Parker

Unnecessary Loss of Life - Walter E. Williams

Good Riddance! - Thomas Sowell

Today's Soft-On-Crime, Anti-Cop Democrats - Susan Stamper Brown

Americans Still Voting With Their Feet, Fleeing Blue States - Stephen Moore

Is There Any Precedent in History for Donald Trump? - Michael Barone

A Muslim President? Was Ben Carson Right? - Pat Buchanan

A Solution To The Government's VA Problem - Jonah Goldberg

Former Radical Islamist: Yeah, Ben Carson Is Right About Muslims - Leah Barkoukis

"Bacha Bazi": Obama's Silence on Afghan Military's Child Rape - Michelle Malkin

A Lloyd Blogette: I Encountered White Cops - Lloyd Marcus

SHOCK! You won’t believe what happened after a college newspaper criticized Black Lives Matter - Michelle Jesse

Ben Carson's Warning - Cal Thomas

When Did Calling Obama a Muslim Become a Slur? - Larry Elder

Useless Idiots - Ann Coulter

Disgrace: Green Beret Who Defended Boy Against Rape in Afghanistan Loses Appeal - Katie Pavlich

Uh Oh: FBI Reportedly Recovers 'Wiped' Emails from Hillary's Private Server - Guy Benson

Irving Mayor: Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Blocking Release of Records; Obama Tweeted Support Even Before “Clock” Pic Released - Kyle Shideler

Dr. Carson Is Right About Islam - Star Parker

It's Not Fiorina Who's Wrong in the Planned Parenthood Fight - Jonah Goldberg

The Purpose of Vacuums - Allen West

Liberal Reasoning: Idiotic or Dishonest? - Walter E. Williams

Another Cynical Democratic "Citizenship USA" Voter Drive - Michelle Malkin

42 Senators Vote Against Bill that Would Save Unborn Babies at 20 Weeks - Cortney O'Brien

Obama's Progressive Overreach on Clock Kid - Susan Stamper Brown

Is a National Identity Necessary? Left-Right Differences, Part IX - Dennis Prager

What Pope Francis Should Tell America - Stephen Moore

'Gosnell Movie' Begins Filming - Christine Rousselle

The Left Has Its Pope - Thomas Sowell

Hillsdale Says it Was Excluded from Dept of Ed's 'College Scorecard' Because it 'Doesn't Count Students By Race' - Cortney O'Brien

The Curious Incident - Rich Galen

Mobile 9/11 Exhibit Will Visit University That Teaches Students the US is to Blame for Attacks - Leah Barkoukis

Greatest Hoax of the 21st Century! 98% Scientists DO NOT Believe in Man-Made Climate Change! - Scott Osborn

Hillary the Hypocrite - Jeff Crouere

The New Left: Envy, Resentment and Hate - John C. Goodman

Navajo Nation Furious Over Government Inaction On Animas River Spill - Matt Vespa

Why Women Are Running From Hillary: They Think She's Lied About The Email Server - Matt Vespa

Climate Policy: Just Say No - Calvin Beisner

Fiorina Trumps Other Presidential Debaters in Opposing Sale of Baby Parts - Paul Dykewicz

Syria Just One of Obama's Foreign Policy Failures - Jonah Goldberg

Why "The View" Is Bombing - Michelle Malkin

NRA Backs Legislation Protecting Gun Rights of People Who Need Financial Help With Social Security - Katie Pavlich

Our Teacher, the Constitution - Adam Carrington

Donald Trump: The Only People Who Like Him Are the Voters - Ann Coulter

Homeland Security Secretary Changes Course, Says Sanctuary Cities Are a Threat to Public Safety - Katie Pavlich

How Obama Has Fundamentally Transformed American Politics - Michael Barone

Attack on Teachers - Walter E. Williams

McConnell to Dems: I'll Force Painful Amendments If You Keep Filibustering the Iran Deal - Guy Benson

Opportunity Versus Outcomes - Thomas Sowell

How America’s abundance can be harnessed to stop our debt spiral - Rick Manning

Hmm: Five Month 'Gap' in Hillary Emails? - Guy Benson

Planned Parenthood Medical Advisor on Selling Baby Parts: ‘Everything We Provide is Fresh’ - Cortney O'Brien

Europe Is Making a Fatal Mistake - Dennis Prager

Why Have Elections? - Thomas Sowell

NYT: Hillary 'Taken Aback' By Email Scandal, Strongly Resisted Apologizing - Guy Benson

College Students Totally Clueless About Why US Attacked on 9/11 - Leah Barkoukis

University of Oregon Professor Calls Female Pro-life Rep a ‘Misogynist Liar' - Cortney O'Brien

After Year of Racial Unrest and Record Crime, Baltimore Mayor Not Seeking Re-election - Cortney O'Brien

The Clintons: Security Risks Squared! - Ken Blackwell

Brainwashed: Colleges Teaching Students US To Blame For 9/11 - Leah Barkoukis

There is no God but Allah'? School Accused of Islamic Indoctrination - Todd Starnes

Yikes: 50 Spies Tell The Daily Beast Senior Officials Distorting ISIS Intelligence - Katie Pavlich

Iran's Supreme Leader: Israel Won't Exist in 25 Years, Our Jihad Won't Relent - Guy Benson

Hillary Searches For a Heart - Ben Shapiro

Stephen Colbert Falsely States The NRA Is Opposed to Mental Health Checks - Katie Pavlich

'Black Lives Matter' Movement Getting Blacks Killed - Larry Elder

Cuomo: Anyone Against Gun Control is 'Delusional' - Cortney O'Brien

Refugees: Another One for the "Not Our Problem" File - Ann Coulter

Gun Sales In August: Highest Since FBI Background Checks Began In 1998 - Matt Vespa

Rude Dem Reps Call Pro-life Witness 'Remarkably Ignorant' and 'Old' at Planned Parenthood Hearing - Cortney O'Brien

Vote For the Party With a Plan to Create More Jobs at Higher Wages - Donald Lambro

Pain for Many on Labor Day - Stephen Moore

Young Black Men in Crisis - Star Parker

Taking the GOP Immigration Debate Beyond Trump - Byron York

CIA: Yes, Hillary's Email Contained 'Top Secret' Intelligence; Campaign 'Disagrees' - Guy Benson

Wasn't Always This Way - Walter E. Williams

Terror Concerns: Homeland Security Chair Urges Caution On Bringing Syrian Refugees to U.S. - Katie Pavlich

Obama’s Alaska Trip: Where Were The Polar Bears? - Marita Noon

Why the Left Loves “Change” Left-Right Differences: Part VIII - Dennis Prager

Black Lives Matter's Agenda Is Costing Black Lives - Michael Barone

The Past and Future of the Refugee Crisis - Thomas Sowell

Criminals Pretty Much Avoid Buying Guns Legally, Says University of Chicago Study - Matt Vespa

Why Raising the Minimum Wage is a Bad Idea - John C. Goodman

Why is HHS Enabling Medicare Fraud? - Dan Horowitz

Top Senate Foreign Relations Committee Democrat Opposes Obama's Iran Deal - Guy Benson

The Point Of No Return - Cal Thomas

An Arsenal Of Smoking Guns In Clinton Email Scandal - Jonah Goldberg

Donald Trump's Appeal Is Based on Yesterday's News - Michael Barone

Mainstream Media Cares More About Baby Pandas Than Baby Humans - Leah Barkoukis

Obama Surrogates SPEARHEADING “War On Cops.” What’s Their Real Agenda? Commentary - Adina Kutnicki

Hillary Spokesman on Email Server: Look, I Don't Know What 'Wiped' Means, Okay? - Guy Benson

Why is the US taking all of these Moslem refugees? - Judson Phillips

The ACLU, ESAs and the Future of School Choice - Ed Feulner

Exchanging One Country For Another - Cal Thomas

Immigration and Freedom - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Surprise: Three More Hillary Email Lies Exposed in Latest Document Dump - Guy Benson

Jorge Ramos: Activist Masquerading As a Journalist - Larry Elder

The Exhausting Ms. Clinton - Victor Davis Hanson

How To Write A New York Times Op-Ed In Three Easy Steps - Ann Coulter

Shocker: Obama Admin Sides With Planned Parenthood in Lawsuit - Leah Barkoukis

Planned Parenthood's Big Fat 3% Lie - Ryan Bomberger

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Adios, America!

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A Delusional and Dangerous National Security Strategy

How the Los Angeles Minimum Wage Vote Fails to Help Many Workers

Graduation Gifts

Horror: ISIS' Surreally Repugnant Treatment of Women

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Memorial Day 2015

Lower Minimum Wage To $0

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The Powers of Free Speech

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A Queer Alliance Against Free Speech

Huh: It Sure Looks Like Some Ferguson Protestors Were Paid To Do So By Liberal Organize Missouri

The True Black Tragedy

Why Pamela Geller Is Hated

New Jersey Dem Whose Sons Committed Armed Robbery Wants to Restrict Online Ammo Sales

'Just Asking'

Confirmed: Weapons Were Moving Through Benghazi to Syria

Barack Obama’s dangerous new world.

“Islam is the Religion of War” – According to Islam. Wait – What?

ISIS & San Diego, CA: A Prime Jihadi Hub! New O’Keefe VIDEO

Obama Complains to UN About America’s ‘Human Rights’ Violations

Barack and Michelle Obama's Race to the Bottom

Spreading the Wealth Around: The Academic Roots of Redistributionism

Think You’d Pass U.S. History 101? Here’s Your Chance to Prove It

The Collapse of Baltimore City

At Georgetown, Obama Masquerading Again as Bipartisan

The First Lady and the Race Card

Democrats Get a Taste of Obama's Arrogance

Top House Republican unveils Obamacare replacement

Former CIA Official: WH's Story on Benghazi Talking Points Isn't Credible

Baltimore's Problems Not Rooted in Racist Police

The Politicized False Narrative of Income Equality

If this is so good for America, why the hell is it secret?

The Most Important Obamacare Case You’ve Never Heard Of

Some Odds and Ends

Reminder: Record Number of People Out of The Work Force

Global Warming Wreaks Havoc On Antarctic Research Stations

Good News: After State Attorney Charged Cops, Crime Is Surging In Baltimore

When Liberals Run Cities

Obama lied?

Dear Baltimore Family and Friends: Y'all Bein' Played!

Victor Davis Hanson: How Civilizations Collapse — Is U.S. Next?

The Left's Inconsistent Stance on Provocative Art

State Department Official Testifies: Clinton's Personal Email Use "Not Acceptable"

Restore the Fourth

Baltimore: The Intersection of the Grievance Culture and the Welfare State

Smart Policing: Lock Up Liberals

Obama's Next Executive Order: Closing Guantanamo Bay

What if SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage?

Ben Carson and Baltimore

To Break the Cycle of Poverty in Baltimore, Fix the Culture of Poverty

Black Lives Matter

The New Lynch Mob

New Black Panther leader: “Bomb Nurseries to Kill White Babies”

Fear, Loathing and Moral Decay In the Streets of Baltimore

Why the Left Won't Call Rioters 'Thugs'

Race, Politics and Lies

'It's Working:' Obamacare Dogged by Troubled Exchanges, Inaccurate Subsidy Payments

Why Is America Richer than Kazakhstan, and Why Has Estonia Surpassed Croatia?

Oops: Bill Clinton 'Mistakenly' Misreports Taxable Income as Tax-Free Donations

Boston Globe: Even More Undisclosed Foreign Money Flowed to Clinton Groups, Violating Rules

Why Is Pakistan More Legitimate than Israel?

California's Water Problem

Anti-Trust Law and Lawlessness

The Week in 'Tolerance:' Boycotts, Bans and Bullying

Maine’s Paul LePage: Conservative Kicking Butt

Extra Crispy? California Solar Farm Killed 3,500 Birds

Lefties Pretty Excited Over New Obamacare Poll, But...

From "Dead Broke" To Making Millions, With A Little Help From Bill And Hillary's Global Friends

Video: Hillary Camp in Damage Control Mode Over New Book's Revelations

Some Thoughts and Questions

Howard Dean: The 'Right Wing Press' is Lying that Hillary Campaign Event Was Staged

Black Murderers Matter

Flunking Civics Should No Longer Be An Option

Was 2007 a Flexion Point, When Everything Started Going Downhill?

The Liberal Vision For The Poor Vs. The Conservative Vision For The Poor

Pew: Highest Support for Gun Rights in 25 Years

Chaos in the Primaries

Memo to Congress: Don't Give Obama Fast Track Authority for Pacific Trade Pact

PHOTO: The Disturbing Picture Of Obama’s Kenyan Grandma He Does NOT Want You To See

The 'Meticulously' Documented Look Inside The Clinton Foundation–Yes, Team Hillary Should Be Worried

In the Left’s Orwellian World, Taxpayers Who Get to Keep their Income Are Getting “Handouts”

A Challenge for Hillary Clinton: Return to a JFK Growth Agenda

Grassley to Holder: Why Is The VA Putting So Many Veterans on Your Federal Gun Ban List?

Helping Barack Remember History

Chicago: Economic Death Spiral After 84 Years of Democratic Control

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Super Concerned Rand Paul Will "Let Women Die"

ICYMI: Hillary Changed Her Stance On Colombia Free Trade After A Few Petro Checks Were Made Out To The Foundation

Reality May Be Optional


JADE HELM’s Federalized Policing: A Lead-In To Martial Law

Few Vets Getting Care Through $10 Billion VA Program

The New Inquisition

Income Taxes: A Pox on Democracy

Suppressing The Vote? Hope So!

Millennials Don’t Want to Join Unions, Here’s Why

How a Bad Shoot Proves Racism's Lie

Obama Deal With Iran in Trouble

The Great Obama Depression continues.

Rand: The Press Should Ask Dems if it’s OK to Kill Babies in the Womb

Has the Obama Administration Given Up on Preventing a Nuclear-Armed Iran?

Obama's Iran Deal: Someday the World Will Cry, "Why?!"

Can The Left Come Up With One True Story?

‘Most Transparent Administration’ to Receive List of Demands from an Angry Press

Decoding the Obama Doctrine

Why the Left Lies

The RFRA Battle Exposed A Dangerous Truth

The Ticket to Prosperity

Cheney: If You Wanted a President 'To Take America Down … It Would Look Exactly Like What Barack Obama’s Doing'

Obama: Yeah, This Iran Deal Doesn't Actually Stop The Regime From Getting a Bomb

America's Decay Is Speeding Up

The Iran 'Agreement' Charade

Israel: The Iran Nuclear Deal Would Threaten Our Very Existence

Blue States Bleeding Red

Has Obama Made Us Into a Banana Republic?

A Solid Majority Of African-Americans Support Gun Ownership

Liberals May Regret Their New Rules

Goodlatte Predicts $11 Billion In New Taxes, Fees From Net’s New Rules (It’s really about Net CONTROL)

Five Reasons Jobs Growth Is Slowing

Just When You Thought The Obama Economy Can't Get Any Worse, It's Getting A Lot Worse

Life Lessons from the German Air Disaster

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Clintons?

If Liberals Are The Good Guys, Why Do They Lie So Much?

Who Trashes Liberal Arts?

Jindal: Be Careful About Creating ‘Special Rights’ for Gays and Lesbians

Who Is This Scott Walker?

Hispanic Activists Fight For Tougher Immigration Laws in Texas

Cornell Assistant Dean: Why Yes ISIS Is Welcome on Campus To Train Students "Like a Coach"

Washington, D.C., Comics: Dr. Ignoro vs. Bibi

Navy Bans Chaplain From Ministering to Family of Dead Sailor

What's Gone Wrong With Democracy?

Lee Kuan Yew (1923-2015)

When Civil Rights Turn Into Civil Wrongs: NAACP Sues to Censor Free Speech

Obama: Let's Face It, Obamacare is Blowing Away Expectations

Raping the System: Bill Cosby, Sexual Assault, and Racial Retribution

Dreams From Frank Marshall Davis

You Don’t Say! WaPo: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Was A Lie

Will Hispanics Fire up America?

Government and the Private Sector – A Case Study

Why Stopping Net Neutrality Starts with Protecting Freedom and Capitalism

Gen. Powell, Who are the GOP's 'Dark Veins'?

Sanctimony and Grandstanding Are More Fun Than Free Speech

A Simple Question

Why The Democrats Are The Party Of SLAVERY And VICTIMIZATION – ZoNation

Greenpeace Co-Founder: Why I Am A Climate Change Skeptic

Islam’s Kamikaze Pilots & The Lying Media: A Match Made In Allah’s Hell. What’s To Be Done?

UN says Israel, not Iran, North Korea or Syria worst violator of human rights

Front Page of the Boston Herald Delivers Fiery Message to President Obama Over Bergdahl Controversy

Obama Aids the Enemy: It’s Treason

Obamacare flying machine begins a death spiral

Another murky mystery surrounding Hillary’s private email

Is There an Elephant in the Living Room? Or Did Manmade Climate Change Cause Syria’s Civil War and the Rise of ISIS?

The Inconvenient Truths in Tom Cotton's Letter to Iran

Ruinous 'Compassion'

Most Transparent Administration in History To Scrap Executive Office FOIA Requirements

Two Warnings

Extreme: Dems' Filibuster of Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Exposes Abortion Fanaticism

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Law: A Slow-Motion Accident Right Before Our Eyes

Two Videos that Perfectly Capture the Feckless Arrogance and Stupidity of the Federal Government

Obama the betrayer

A Modest Proposal to Reduce Income Inequality

Americans Say Government is the Country's Biggest Problem

Must Watch! Kissinger Slammed Kerry For Negotiating With Sandinistas In 1985 [VIDEO]

Obamanomics: 92,898,000 Americans Not Participating In The Workforce.

Global Warming

James Carville's 8 Minute Rant in Defense of Hillary

Why Do American Networks Interview Tyrants?

Obama: It's Easier to Buy a Gun Than a Vegetable in "Certain Neighborhoods"

History Lesson: President Hillary Clinton Would Be Secretive, Too

The 'Disparate Impact' Racket

Random Thoughts

The Honesty Gap

Iran wants to incinerate Israel; Obama wants to facilitate

Obama’s ongoing assault on the Constitution

Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu

The Black Family in 1965 and Today

Marijuana Laws: Going Up in Smoke?

Decoding Obama: Muslims Didn't Found America

Hollywood Hypocrites Demand 'Wage Equality'

Shut Down the Department of Education, End Federal Government Involvement and Intervention

The Cancer of Multiculturalism

The President and 'Violent Extremism'

White House Traps Itself In Terrorism Word Games

Giuliani Versus Obama

George Washington, the Man Who Established the Republic

Of Course Barack Obama Loves America, He Just Doesn’t Like It Much

Who Needs a College Education, Scott Walker or Marie Harf?

Why Won't They Just Say It?

Conservatives: You Will Live to Regret Your Attacks on The Filibuster

The Climate Con Goes On

Must Listen! Mark Levin Interviews Paul Kengor Author Of The Communist

And the reason we don’t call them Islamic extremists is?

Shut DHS down? Why the hell not?

Ignorance in the Common Core

Obama again shows whose side he is on.

America in grave danger.

Why Washington’s Anti-Alaska Policies Hurt More Than Just Alaskans

Barack Obama's 'Reckless Disregard' of the Law

Obama on Path to Imperial Presidency

There Is No Bottom For The Left’s Hypocrisy

GOP Double-Crossing Traitors

Obama’s Muslim Sympathies

The day the Freedom died

Yeah, Iraq Had WMDs; CIA Bought Them From Secret Dealer

Why No Swimsuit Issue of Men?

Glib 'Happy Talk'

House Dem Doesn’t Understand Why Voters Have to Register

Explaining Obama’s Obsession

Should Government Regulators Make the Internet More Like the Post Office or DMV?

Kansas Secretary of State: Illegal Aliens Registering to Vote is a Massive Problem Nationwide

Wow: IRS Confirms Illegal Immigrants Entitled to Back Tax Refunds Under Executive Amnesty

Obama and His Crumbling Climate Change Narrative

Fail: Consumers Discover They're 'Insured, But Not Covered' Under Obamacare

Ben Carson Finally Gets Apology from Southern Poverty Law Center

Surf's Up: Internet Regulation Is Government's Biggest Power Grab Under Obama

True Lies

Congressman Elijah Cummings shills for entitled federal workforce

Obama Sets Up A Customer Service Hotline for Illegal Immigrants

EPA Mercury Rule Based on Silly Science

New Study Finds Heavy Adolescent Pot Use Permanently Lowers IQ.. duh.

President Obama: If You Like Your God, Keep Him

WH: No, Seriously, The Terrorist Attack on That Kosher Deli Was 'Random'

President Compares Islam to Christianity

Fairness and Justice

Measles, Vaccines and Autism

2015, the year of Jihad

Should Unelected D.C. Bureaucrats Turn the Internet into a Government-Regulated Public Utility?

Capitol Source: "Abortion-centered Feminism is Dead"

The Repellant and Arrogant Statism of Global Warming Fanatics

Dear President Obama, I Have a Solution for Your “Islamist” Dilemma

The View From The High Horse

NY Professor: Global Warming Created ISIS

President Selfie

Stealing America

The Difference Between Liberal And Conservative

Krauthammer Explains The Obama Train Wreck

Obama's Morally Confused Prayer Breakfast Lecture

Obama's Comparison of Christianity, Radical Islam Defies Logic

Mike Huckabee Vs. Beyonce

Bill Maher’s Astonishing Economic Illiteracy

Al Sharpton: Accidental Anti-Tax Crusader

Defense Intelligence: Freed Terrorists Likely to Return to Battle, 'Very Little' We Can Do

When Leftwing Economists Gruber and Krugman Practiced Economics

GALLUP: Yeah, That 5.6% Unemployment Figure Is A Lie

Obama shows whose side he is on again

Another Day, Another Shoddy Anti-Gun Study From The Left

Reaganomics Beats Obama’s ‘Middle Class Economics’ By A Country Mile

The great Obama mystery

Another Snow Job

Shoveling Science

Defense Against Demagogues

When Politics Defy Reality: The Real State of the Union Features Dishonesty and Deception

Obama Versus America

If the President Couldn't Tell a Lie

Benghazi is about to get interesting

When you have a real leader

Random Thoughts

The Bloomberg Nannycrats Strike Again in Colorado

Hands Up, Don’t Lie

Why “American Sniper” Was Politicized -- And Why it Shouldn’t Be

Oh My: Senate Dem Calls WH's Iran Talking Points 'Straight Out of Tehran'

MSNBC's Maddow Now Rewriting Instant Replays

Jews, Outnumbered by Muslims, Suffer Under Mob Rule

Will the West Defend Itself?

Early Presidential Prospects

Obama lies to America again.

Obamacare vs. cancer cures

European Law Enforcement Agencies: With Rise of Terror Threats, More Firearms Would Be Helpful

A New Year: Why Mr President, Why?

Mark Levin Instructs House GOP on Confronting 'Imperial President' Obama

Katie Pavlich Explains How the 2014 Elections Were a 2nd Amendment Success

Jindal’s Brilliant Take on Radical Islam

Dem Lies are the Life Support for Obamacare

Eric Holder and the DOJ Had Truth About Ferguson Hours After Michael Brown’s Death: Holder and Obama Lied..

FEC’s Latest Rule Regulating Online Speech is Akin to Book Burning

Hank “Guam Might Tip Over” Johnson: Don't Think that Regulations are Hurting You

Liars’ Remorse

Why Are There No Lefties on Talk Radio?

School District to Stop Interrogating Christian Homeschool Kids

As Long as Obama Brought Up the Cost of College...

“Like Your Doctor, Keep Your Doctor” Wasn’t the Only Obamacare Lie

Basic Economics

Fuzzy Math in Unemployment Statistics

Islam Gets Special Treatment

15 Statistics That Destroy Liberal Narratives

New Year's Irresolution

Oh, You Wacky Islamofascists!!!

The Long, Slow March Into Tyranny

Dem Professors: Disney is Racist, and Only Black Guys Like Jazz

Does The Obama Administration Have a Strategy to Fight Islamic Terrorism?

The Rich Pay More than Their Fair Share of Taxes

Paris Attack Puts Western World in a Bad Spot

American Left: The Paris Attacks Aren't About Islam

Liberals' Use of Black People (Part II)

Pope Francis, the Climate and Leftism

The 'Equality' Racket

How Sharpton gets paid to not cry ‘racism’ at corporations

Ron Paul: "Reality Is Now Setting In For America... It Was All Based On Lies & Ignorance"

Black America’s Best Ally: Cops

Report: Planned Parenthood Has Performed Almost 1 Million Abortions in the Past Three Years

Who Is Paying Federal Income Taxes?

'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Activists -- and Historical Ignorance

The Bigger the Government
The Smaller the Citizen

Those who do not confront evil
resent those who do

Good intensions often have unintended consequences

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