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As Dow Sets Another Record High, Leftists Continue to Repeat the Same Old Tired Lies - Steve Sheldon

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Hoo Boy: WaPo, CNN Preparing to Expose Dozens of Members of Congress on Sexual Harassment and Misconduct? - Guy Benson

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Answering Objections about Genetically Modified Organisms - Tracy C. Miller

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Why Liberal Democrats Ignored Sexual Harassment for So Many Years - John C. Goodman

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Memo to Jared Kushner - Cal Thomas

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Planned Parenthood Offers Some Tips on 'How to Deal with Difficult People' This Thanksgiving - Lauretta Brown

Venezuelans suffer as malaria outbreak spreads in drug-short nation - Maria Ramirez

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Conservatives Sound 'Wake-Up' Call in Washington - Star Parker

Who Is NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Trying To Fool With This Remark? - Matt Vespa

Diversity Obsession - Walter E. Williams

Radio Host Grills Hillary On Bill’s Sexual Assault Allegations: Do You Regret Attacking His Accusers? - Matt Vespa

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Democrats’ ‘Concern’ about Sexual Harassment is a PR Ploy - Susan Stamper Brown

You’re Out: Apple Diversity Executive Ousted For Politically Incorrect Remarks About…Diversity - Matt Vespa

The Stupid Party Gets Smart - Stephen Moore

Epidemic: New York Times, SEIU Now Snagged in Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Scandals [UPDATE: Eight Women Accuse Charlie Rose] - Guy Benson

Fact Check: No, Millions of People Would Not 'Lose Healthcare' Under Senate GOP's Tax Reform Bill - Guy Benson

Glamour Magazine 2017 Award Show Completely Ignores Conservative Women - Timothy Meads

Fact Check: Everything About This Sally Kohn Tweet About Tax Reform is Incorrect - Guy Benson

It’s Different When It’s Our Guy - Derek Hunter

Sore Loser Conspiracy Theorist: No, I Can't Say the 2016 Election Was 'Legitimate' - Guy Benson

Virginia Goes Don Quixote - Paul Driessen

Do Conservatives And Liberals Have Enough in Common to Keep A Country Together Anymore? - John Hawkins

What if Ken Starr Was Right? - Ross Douthat

Chelsea Handler Apologizes to Juanita Broaddrick - Christine Rousselle

Poll: Majority of Hillary Voters Now Say Sexual Allegations Against Bill Are Credible - Guy Benson

UW College Democrat Vice Chair Resigns Over 'I F**king Hate White Men' Post - Matt Vespa

A Moving Experience - Cal Thomas

Democrats Have a Clear Path to Senate Majority in 2018 - Scott Rasmussen

More Hillary Chronicles - Judge Andrew Napolitano

No, Colin Kaepernick Is No Muhammad Ali - Larry Elder

America's Indispensable Friends - Victor Davis Hanson

At Least My Generation Will Have Our Revenge On The Millennials - Kurt Schlichter

Analysis: As Liberals Cheer Shepard Smith's Fact Check, is 'Uranium One' a Real Story, or Not? - Guy Benson

ABA and Dems Smear Court Picks - Betsy McCaughey

Boston Globe: It's Time To Consider Gun Confiscation - Matt Vespa

Stalking Horses - Walter E. Williams

The Poor Are Not Poor Because the Rich Are Rich - Star Parker

What Are Our Representatives Supposed to Do? - Ben Shapiro

The Corruption of Faith - Cal Thomas

Hey, Republican Big Spenders: Keep the Spending Caps - Stephen Moore

Democrats Bring Words to a Gun Fight - Susan Stamper Brown

The GOP Establishment Wants To Burn Down The Village To Save It...For Itself - Kurt Schlichter

A Pro-Growth Tax Bill is on the Way - Larry Kudlow

Whoa: Memo Presented by Russian Lawyer at Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Was Written By...Fusion GPS - Guy Benson

CA Gov. Jerry Brown’s War Against Reality… and the Climate - Katy Grimes

2016 Is Looking Like the New Normal - Michael Barone

Communism: 100 Years of Devastation - Ed Feulner

Black-on-Black Racism at Cornell - Larry Elder

Culture of Corruption: As Trial Goes to Jury, Senate Dems Won't Say if They'd Vote to Expel a Convicted Menendez - Guy Benson

Ignorance Versus Stupidity - Walter E. Williams

Dem Congresswoman Calls 'Unborn Child' Language in Tax Reform Bill 'Dangerous' - Lauretta Brown

With Teladoc, the Doctor Will See You Now ... Really! - Cal Thomas

Why the Left Has Been so Wrong About the Trump Boom - Stephen Moore

Democrats Drive Toward the Cliff and Hit the Gas - Kurt Schlichter

Liberals Are Everything They Say We Are - Derek Hunter

The Bergdahl Sentence is a Travesty - Shawn Mitchell

Renewable Energy – By Royal Decree! - Paul Driessen

Congress should abolish the Diversity Visa Program - Helen Raleigh

5 Reasons Men Are Reluctant to Get on the Sexual Harassment Bandwagon - John Hawkins

The Congressional Black Caucus: Purveyors of Black Urban Decline - Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

WaPo Columnist: Here Are The Four Things Democrats Are Doing That Are Killing Their 2018 Chances - Matt Vespa

WaPo Fact Checks Senate Dems' Take on GOP Tax Plan - Cortney O'Brien

Hillary: That Dirty Russian Dossier on Trump That We Lied About Paying For Was Just Opposition Research - Katie Pavlich

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie . . . and the Electoral College? - Tara Ross

NY Terror Attack: The Allergic Reaction To The Phrase 'Allahu Akbar' Continues To Torment The Left - Matt Vespa

America's Founding Ideals Are Worth Fighting For - Scott Rasmussen

Dem Rep Calls Black Pro-life Woman Ignorant When She Pushes Back on His Argument about Abortion - Lauretta Brown

The Tip of a Prosecutorial Iceberg? - Judge Andrew Napolitano

The Left Is Just Full Of Miserable People - Derek Hunter

Who Gets to Have Nuclear Weapons and Why? - Victor Davis Hanson

Major New Study on Free Speech and 'PC' Culture: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Guy Benson

North Korea's Nuclear Tunnel Collapses, Killing 200 and Triggering Fears of Radioactive Leak - Leah Barkoukis

Let's Help Our Media Friends - Walter E. Williams

McCabe v. Comey: Stabbed in the Back, An Excerpt from Ed Klein's Latest Book - Ed Klein

Get Ready for a Word Problem - Ben Shapiro

VA Gov Race: Is This Why VA Democrats Are Trying to Scare The Hell Out Of Nonwhite Voters? - Matt Vespa

It's Failing: New HHS Report Continues Drumbeat of Dreadful Obamacare News - Guy Benson

Shocking But Not Surprising - Cal Thomas

Letter to an Aging Communist - Mike Adams

Five Biggest Reasons to Hate the IRS Tax Code - Stephen Moore

Mattis: The Nuclear Threat From North Korea Is 'Accelerating' - Leah Barkoukis

Special Counsel Stacked With Democrat Donors Rolls Out Indictments - Susan Stamper Brown

Message in a Bottle for President Trump - Allen West

It’s Not Too Much To Ask That Our GOP Hacks Show Some Loyalty To Their Voters - Kurt Schlichter

Gross: A Former Hillary Spokesman Published the Worst Tweet of the Week - Guy Benson

The 6 Big Ways Liberals Are Destroying America’s Culture - John Hawkins

Agitators, Regulators and Predators Team up - Paul Driessen

Professor Says 'Mathematics...Operates As Whiteness' - Matt Vespa

Doctor Comes Up With Dumb Idea To 'Curb Gun Violence' - Beth Baumann

If Corn Pops are Racist, What About Cocoa Puffs or Count Chocula? - Todd Starnes

Clueless? DNC Chair Perez Did Not Know This About The Electoral College - Matt Vespa

Climate Science Is Changing from Alarmism to Realism - Vijay Jayaraj

Perez: I Just Learned About the Dossier 'A Few Days Ago' - Cortney O'Brien

The Most Dangerous National Security Threat No One's Talking About - Congressman Trent Franks

The Predicted Abortion Collision Grows Closer - Laura Hollis

Police Were Warned About Sandy Hook Murderer Multiple Times, Did Nothing - Katie Pavlich

A Taxing Situation - Cal Thomas

Freedom of Speech Does Not Guarantee Understanding - Scott Rasmussen

Can the Feds Prosecute Foreigners if Their Actions Are Legal Where They Are? - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Red China Collapsing: Chinese Communist Propaganda Is Not Catching On With The Youth - Matt Vespa

Culturally Appropriate This, Social Justice Jerks - Kurt Schlichter

Here We Go: House Intel Chairman Opens Investigation Into Russian Uranium Deal Tied to Clintons - Katie Pavlich

A Local School Board Election Can Change the Nation - Star Parker

Hillary: People Accusing Me of Corruption Over the Russia Uranium Deal Are "Peddling Bologna" - Katie Pavlich

The Delusional Optimism of Both Sides - Ben Shapiro

Undermining America - Walter E. Williams

Surprise! Big Media Ignores the Real Russian Scandal - Susan Stamper Brown

(Hashtag)MeToo: My Daughter and Granddaughter, Too - Cal Thomas

Congressmen Ask Sessions to Go After Climate Activists Who Are Damaging Pipelines - Lauretta Brown

A Lifetime of Taxes Is Enough - Stephen Moore

The Establishment Flunkies Flunk Out - Kurt Schlichter

Despicable People - Derek Hunter

Report: Weinstein Rages Against 'Conspiracies' Against Him at Rehab - Guy Benson

DC Swamp Denizens Strike Back - Paul Driessen

Diversity is a Weakness, Not a Strength - John Hawkins

Ethics Watchdog To FEC: Uh, The DNC Chair Might Have Illegally Appropriated Campaign Funds - Matt Vespa

ICYMI: Some UW-Madison Students Thought Lincoln Owned Slaves - Matt Vespa

Democrats Yelp as Trump Upholds Constitution - Michael Barone

Trump and Obamacare - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Liberals Try To Connect With Normal Americans And It Goes Poorly - Kurt Schlichter

NY Post: Obama Knew Russia Was Bribing Their Way Through Uranium Deal; He Simply Ignored It - Matt Vespa

Single-Payer Nightmare: Britain's NHS Proposes Suspending Surgeries for Smokers and Obese Patients - Guy Benson

'Raising Awareness' Isn't Helping Much - Ben Shapiro

With Bribery, Russian Nuclear Officials Made Bill and Hillary Clinton Richer - Katie Pavlich

Free at Last! - Betsy McCaughey

Who Pays What in Taxes? - Walter E. Williams

With Bribery, Russian Nuclear Officials Made Bill and Hillary Clinton Richer - Katie Pavlich

Rep. Franks Praises HHS Definition of Life Beginning at Conception: High School Biology Students Know This - Lauretta Brown

Analysis: The Media Keeps Singing From Democrats' Misleading Songbook on Obamacare - Guy Benson

NAFTA 2.0 Must Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights - Stephen Moore

Wait–Are Millennials Trending Conservative On This Issue? - Matt Vespa

Progressives Target Conservative News Site for Reporting on Their Actions That Destroyed a Pro-Trump Business - Rachel Alexander

Hey, Former Obama Aide: Isn’t What You’re Proposing Pretty Much Gun Confiscation? - Matt Vespa

Menendez Corruption Trial: Federal Judge Just Burned Democratic Senator's Hopes To Ash - Matt Vespa

If Liberals Truly Cared About Gun Control, They Would Support Closing U.S. Borders - Justin Haskins

Social Justice is an Oxymoron - Susan Stamper Brown

A Republic, but Who wants to Keep It? - Allen West

Poll: Majority of Americans Generally Favor Gun Ownership - Lauretta Brown

Will Questioning Climate Change Become Illegal in Canada? - Tom Harris

Late Night Talk Show Host: If You Like Trump, Then Go Away - Matt Vespa

8 Important Questions Las Vegas Conspiracy Theorists Should Consider - Steve Sheldon

Think You Know How Slanted the Media Is? Read This - Bruce Bialosky

The Obama EPA’s Crooked Prosecutors - Paul Driessen

Trump Head, Pence Tail - Cal Thomas

Hollywood Celebrities, Rock Stars And the NFL Should Shut the Hell Up About Politics - John Hawkins

Anti-Gun Crusader Admits What We Already Knew - Tom Knighton

Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood's Dance of the Fools - John Kass

Hillary: Hey Look, This is Not the Harvey Weinstein I Once Knew, or Something - Guy Benson

Uh Oh: Democrats Are Getting Tired Of Tom Perez's Ineffectual Tenure As DNC Chair - Matt Vespa

Today's Turn-of-the-Century Problems - Michael Barone

HUD Secretary Carson Spars With Rep. Waters Over Puerto Rico - Cortney O'Brien

Sen. Rand Paul Writes Op-Ed Explaining New Executive Order - Christine Rousselle

'Straight Up Journalistic Malpractice:' NBC News Under Fire For Trying to Kill Bombshell Weinstein Story - Guy Benson

If You Can Pay for Aspirin, You Can Pay for Birth Control - Jeff Jacoby

Censorship in Seattle - Cal Thomas

The Gun Control Debate is Not About Guns - Scott Rasmussen

Is Taking a Knee Protected Speech? - Judge Andrew Napolitano

If 'No One Wants to Take Our Guns,' Stop Saying the Opposite - Larry Elder

It's 1968 All Over Again - Victor Davis Hanson

Behold Our Betters - Kurt Schlichter

ACLU Sues Trump Administration to Force Government to Provide Abortions for Illegal Immigrant Minors - Lauretta Brown

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Hardball: McConnell Changes Rule to Overcome Obstruction of Trump's Judicial Picks, Dems Fume - Guy Benson

War on Cops Goes to Court - Betsy McCaughey

Weinstein Scandal Leaves a Trail of Hypocrisy - Jonah Goldberg

Stunned CNN Reporter on the Weinstein Scandal: 'Where Are The Obamas?' - Guy Benson

Our Broken Moral Compasses - Walter E. Williams

NYT Video Content Editor: I Used To Be In Antifa - Matt Vespa

Former Abortion Workers Will Bring Down the Abortion Industry - Abby Johnson

Obama's Presidential Library Won't Actually Have Library Materials - Leah Barkoukis

Why Sports and Politics Do Not Mix - Stephen Moore

The Real War on Women - Allen West

'It's Not the Law:' School Administrators Resisting DeVos's Title IX Reforms - Cortney O'Brien

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The Shocking Truth About Term Limits - Paul Jacob

MSNBC Doesn't Understand Why Conservatives Insist Our Rights Come from God - Timothy Meads

Politicized Sustainability Threatens Planet and People - Paul Driessen

This Economy is 'Trump Strong' - Wayne Allyn Root

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Landslide: Nearly 80 Percent of Football Fans Oppose Anthem Protests - Guy Benson

ESPN Changes Mind on Airing National Anthem After Vegas Shooting - Cortney O'Brien

Professor: 'God Bless America' Is a 'Warmongering' Song - Micah Rate

Pouring Gasoline on a Bonfire - Bernard Goldberg

Trump's Tax Cut: 'Show Me the Money' - Stephen Moore

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Sick of the NFL? Play Kaepernick-Hole - Susan Stamper Brown

There Are No Oppressed People in America - John Hawkins

College Professor: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology - Timothy Meads

Hmm: Here's What the NBA is Telling Its Players About Anthem Protests - Guy Benson

Brilliant Book About European Immigration Defines Election of Trump - Bruce Bialosky

Wow: Watch What These College Students Have to Say About Their Female Conservative Classmates - Christine Rousselle

Funding The Arts – or Hurricane Recovery - Paul Driessen

Limbaugh: The Left Is Trying to Destroy the NFL's Masculinity, Patriotism - Leah Barkoukis

ICE Arrests Nearly 500 Illegal Immigrants in Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities - Leah Barkoukis

Librarian Rejects Melania's 'Racist Propaganda' Dr. Seuss Books - Cortney O'Brien

A Practical Suggestion for NFL Players - Michael Brown

Attention NFL: America is as Good as it Gets - Ashley Herzog

Why Democrats Wants No Walls—And Why We Must Build Them - Larry Taunton

AL SEN: Oh, So Is That Why MSNBC Cut Away From Roy Moore's Victory Speech? - Matt Vespa

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Yes, the States Can Fix the Obamacare Debacle - Stephen Moore

Not a Day Care - Walter E. Williams

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Irma Illusions – and Realities - Paul Driessen

Seven Signs of Liberal Privilege - Timothy Daughtry

The UN: Once 'Useless,' Now Useful - Cal Thomas

Obama: It’s Aggravating That People Are Trying To Repeal My Flawed Health Care Law - Matt Vespa

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Secretary Ryan Zinke Just Made Working at the Interior Department Even More Awesome - Katie Pavlich

'Uncle Tom' Is More Destructive Than the 'N-word' - Larry Elder

Allegations of Foreign Election Tampering Have Always Rung Hollow - Victor Davis Hanson

Unleashing the Power of Mockery on Annoying Social Justice Warriors - Kurt Schlichter

Sanders Bill Makes Health Insurance Illegal - Betsy McCaughey

The Welfare State's Legacy - Walter E. Williams

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The Old Ways Were Better - Bill Murchison

California Gov. Jerry Brown Compares Trump Supporters to Cave-Dwellers - Lauretta Brown

Ignorant Nation - Cal Thomas

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