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Let’s Give Red Flag Laws a Try, with Abortion - Paul Curry

The Victims of Race-Focused Liberals Are Blacks - Walter E. Williams

Are Thought Crimes Impeachable? - Victor Davis Hanson

The Left’s Revealing Overreaction to Attorney General Barr’s Landmark Speech - Hans von Spakovsky

Nancy Pelosi Is Already Attacking the Legitimacy of the 2020 Election - David Harsanyi

Sharyl Attkisson Dredges up the Ukraine Story Democrats Don't Want to Talk About - Matt Vespa

Scientists: Dishonest or Afraid? - Walter E. Williams

Whatever Happened to Teaching History? - Cal Thomas

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Chilling Ignorance of History - Lee Edwards

Does the Left Hate America? - Dennis Prager

I Grew Up in West Germany. Here’s How Different Life Was in the East. - Romina Boccia

Beyond Parody: Prominent University Newspaper Apologizes Profusely to Woke Activists For...Doing Journalism - Guy Benson

Young People Ignorant of History - Walter E. Williams

This Impeachment Effort About Ideology, Not Constitution - Star Parker

The Coup, Klutz, Klan Witch Hunt Versus Trump - Wayne Allyn Root

Next Generation of Americans Will Embrace Socialism If We Lose ‘War on History’ - Jarrett Stepman

Are the "whistleblower" and the West Wing spy the SAME PERSON? - Mike Huckabee

Hunter Biden’s Ukraine gas firm pressed Obama administration to end corruption allegations, memos show - John Solomon

Omar: Bernie Will ‘Fight Against Western Imperialism.’ Here’s What That Could Mean. - Ryan Saavedra

The Giga and Terra Scam of Offshore Wind Energy - Paul Driessen

Former Time Magazine Editor Is Wrong. America Doesn’t Need ‘Hate Speech’ Laws. - Jarrett Stepman

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz files ethics complaint against Schiff, cites 'unprofessional and divisive' conduct. - Brooke Singman

Al-Baghdadi’s Death a Reminder Freedom Isn’t Cheap - Cal Thomas

New Poll With Better, Nuanced Questions: Voters Remain Highly Skeptical of Impeachment - Guy Benson

Gun Grabbers Misleading Us - Walter E. Williams

‘Medicare for All’ Actually Isn’t Medicare at All - Kevin Pham

Is It Climate Socialism – or Eco-Fascism? - Paul Driessen

WSJ Columnist Reveals The Move Adam Schiff Made That Made A GOP Congresswoman's Jaw Drop - Matt Vespa

Woke Math Aims to Teach Seattle Kids That ‘Western’ Math Is Racist - Jarrett Stepman

Did The FBI Give Trump And Hillary Different Counterintelligence Briefings in 2016? - Matt Vespa

US in Moral Decline - Walter E. Williams

Washington Subsidies Not Helping the Wind Industry - Stephen Moore

These 3 Countries Tried Socialism. Here’s What Happened. - Lee Edwards

Is America Becoming Sinicized? - Victor Davis Hanson

It Is Stupid And Unfair To Judge Historical Figures By Modern Standards - Matt Walsh

Intolerance in Academia - Walter E. Williams

'Hard-Hitting CNN Journalist' Jim Acosta Came to a Vile Conclusion About Trump Supporters In Minneapolis - Beth Baumann

The Two Very Basic Questions Every Democrat Should Be Asked, But Won’t Be - Matt Walsh

Woke History Is Making Big Inroads in America’s High Schools - John Murawski

Bombshell? Joe AND Hunter Biden Were Both Paid By Burisma - Matt Vespa

Liberals Ruin Everything - Derek Hunter

The Left’s Real Impeachment Wish - Star Parker

Tucker Carlson Uncovers Election-year Request From Bill Clinton to Tony Blair - Leah Barkoukis

Did James Clapper Just Admit President Obama Directed Him to Go After the Trump Campaign? - Katie Pavlich

The Left to America's Children: Your Past Is Terrible, And Your Future Is Terrible - Dennis Prager

Reactions to My Tweet Reveal the Ignorant Brutality of Young Socialists and Communists - Mike Gonzalez

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Unveils Bill That Would Give Federal Benefits To Illegal Aliens - Joseph Curl

The Truth About Impeachment - Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel

How the War on History Is Rewriting America’s Past - Katrina Trinko

State Department Takes New Action On Hillary Investigation - James Barrett

If The Case For Trump’s Impeachment Is So Strong, Why Are Liberals Lying About It? - Derek Hunter

Asia Is Responsible For The Vast Majority Of Air And Water Pollution. Greta Thunberg Should Go Lecture Them. - Matt Walsh

KNOWLES: Confused About The Ukraine Call? Here’s What’s Happening. - Daily Wire

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s Misleading Fracking Claim - Jason Hopkins

Actually, It Was Joe Biden Who Bribed the Ukrainians to Fire a Prosecutor Looking Into His Son - Katie Pavlich

Hearing Explodes When Republican Asks Sharpton About Past ‘Racist And Anti-Semitic’ Statements - James Barrett

The Equation That Explains Evil - Dennis Prager

Over 2,000 Fetal Remains Found On Late Abortion Doctor’s Property, Sheriff’s Office Says - Mary Margaret Olohan

Exposing the Trayvon Martin Hoax - William Marshall

KNOWLES: Here’s Why Zero People Showed Up To The ‘Impeach Trump’ Event - Daily Wire

Chicago's Mayor Claims REPUBLICANS Are Responsible For City's Violence - Emily Zanotti

Why the Right to Bear Arms Is an Individual Right - Jarrett Stepman

WATCH: Liberals Eager To Sign Petition Protecting Unborn Eagles. Then They're Asked About Unborn Humans. - Amanda Prestigiacomo

Alyssa Milano Responds To Ted Cruz With ‘Bullsh**’ Challenge; He Accepts - James Barrett

‘NO COMPROMISE’: Biden Goes Extreme On Guns, Calls For Ban On All Magazines, Rips Texas For Allowing Worshipers To Defend Themselves - Ryan Saavedra

Milano Wants To Know Why Self-Defense Is God-Given Right. Cruz Educates Her. - Ryan Saavedra

Former Planned Parenthood Manager Describes Horrific Abortion Procedure. Warning: Very graphic. - Frank Camp

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: America Must ‘Bow Down Before’ Iran - Ryan Saavedra

More Proof That Voter Fraud Is Real, and Bipartisan - Jason Snead

Beginning of US Slavery - Walter E. Williams

No, the Electoral College Is Not ‘Affirmative Action’ for Rural Voters - Tara Ross

7 Reasons Taylor Swift Shouldn’t Support Equality Act - Monica Burke

At The Risk Of Further Upsetting Ms. Tlaib - Shoshana Bryen

Guess What System AOC Is Now Calling Racist - Beth Baumann

This Is What LGBTQ Organizations Are Doing To Society - Dennis Prager

Kamala Harris’s Poorly Thought Out Gun Control Proposals - John R. Lott, Jr.

Excuse Me? MSNBC Guest Says Democrats Must 'Destroy' White People Who Vote For Trump - Matt Vespa

Double Standards: Will the Media Hold Warren and Harris Accountable for Spreading a Pernicious Racial Hoax? - Guy Benson

Gore Says His Global Warming Predictions Have Come True? Can He Prove It? - J. Frank Bullitt

My Confession About Guns - Wayne Allyn Root

Enforce Rules Against False and Misleading Organic Claims - Paul Driessen

What We Lose When We Erase Thomas Jefferson - Jean-Marie Bralley

America Is Drowning in the Left's Lies About Trump - Dennis Prager

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tweets Statistics After Recent Tragedies. Leftists Explode. - Ryan Saavedra

Countering China, Trump Seeks to Increase Domestic Production of Rare Earths - Emma Watkins

How to Tell If a Trump Supporter Is Racist - Dennis Prager

Nadler: Trump Has Committed Many Obvious Crimes, But We Still Need More Evidence, or Something - Guy Benson

How Faulty Assumptions in Climate Predictions Could Mean Big Costs for Americans - Kevin Mooney

Ayanna Pressley Doesn’t Want Certain ‘Black Faces.’ Why Her View Is Dehumanizing. - Kenny Xu

Understanding Why ‘the Squad’ Screams ‘Racism’ - Star Parker

Google’s Suppression of Content Threatens the Future of America - Dennis Prager

New Poll Just Obliterated The Core Of The 2020 Democratic Agenda - Matt Vespa

Conservative Host Shreds Rep. Pressley's Racial Purity Comments In A Single Tweet - Amanda Prestigiacomo

Love It Or Hate It, There's No Reason Not To Understand Trump's Tweets - Mark Davis

A Member Of AOC's ‘Squad’ Just Made An Outrageously Bigoted Statement - Matt Walsh

Liberal Activist: ‘Communist’ Is Code For The N-Word - Matt Vespa

I'm Begging Crazy, Racist Democrats to Keep Talking - Wayne Allyn Root

Barr Is Right: The Trump-Russia Conspiracy Is ‘Bogus’ - David Harsanyi

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Is Very Hard To Like. This Video Shows Why. - Matt Walsh

Ungrateful Refugee: Tucker Carlson Blasts Ilhan Omar's Hate for America - Katie Pavlich

Modern Societies Require Minerals, and Mining - Paul Driessen

How To Screw Up A World Championship - Mark Davis

Educating Kids to Debate Alarming Climate Claims - Paul Driessen

Trump Is 'Very Seriously' Considering This Route To Get That Key Citizenship Question On The Census - Matt Vespa

Is This Why MSNBC Decided Not To Show Trump’s Independence Day Event Live? - Matt Vespa

Why the Left Targets Western Civilization - Walter E. Williams

A World-Renowned University Suppressed Important Abortion Research. Here’s The Full Story. - Josh Hammer

Dan Crenshaw Shreds Ocasio-Cortez Over Her Antics On The Border - Ryan Saavedra

The Cruel Dishonesty of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Newt Gingrich

Yeah, It Looks Like Another Ocasio-Cortez Border Claim Got ‘Royally Busted’ - Matt Vespa

Obama's DHS Secretary: FYI, Cages or Whatever You Want to Call Them, Weren't Invented by Trump - Katie Pavlich

Chernobyl and Concentration Camps - Wayne Allyn Root

Reparations for Slavery - Walter E. Williams

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Ideological Attacks on 2 Christian Pastors - Star Parker

After This Video Exposed A Google Executive, The Election Meddling Call Is Coming From Inside The House - Matt Vespa

The Problem With Ocasio-Cortez’s Shameful Ignorance of History - David Harsanyi

Without Mining There Is No 'Green Revolution' - Stephen Moore

Data Indicate There’s No Need to Panic About Rising Seas - H. Sterling Burnett

CNN Can't Figure Out Why Their Ratings Suck But This Segment Offers The Perfect Insight - Beth Baumann

A Tsunami of Hypocrisy - Kurt Schlichter

Shutting Down Middle and Blue-collar America With Pseudo-green Policies - Paul Driessen

How to Create Conflict - Walter E. Williams

This Congressman Just Went to the Border. Here’s What He Learned. - Daniel Davis

Dershowitz: 'Why Did Mueller Team Distort Trump Attorney's Voicemail?' - James Barrett

Dems Are Suddenly Up In Arms Over Censorship After Liberal Group's Video Is Demonetized - Beth Baumann

Why Trump Is Winning - Wayne Allyn Root

Trump-Russia Hysteria: Oh Look, Another Glaring Omission In The Mueller Report - Matt Vespa

Barr Asking Questions the Media Don't Want Asked - Michael Barone

Furious Celebs Want Trump Impeached, Assaulted and Tortured to Death - Geoffrey Dickens

What Gun Control Advocates Fail to Grasp After Mass Shootings - John R. Lott, Jr.

Why So Many Mass Shootings? Ask The Right Questions And You Might Find Out - Dennis Prager

WATCH: Gillibrand Takes Aim At The NRA During Fox News Town Hall And It Doesn't Go As Planned - Beth Baumann

It's All About the Open Borders, Stupid - Wayne Allyn Root

Obama Tells Multiple Lies About Guns In The U.S. To A Crowd In Brazil - Ryan Saavedra

New Damaging Info Comes Out On Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok - Ryan Saavedra

Disney, Netflix Threaten Georgia Boycott But Continue Work in Countries Where Abortion Is Illegal - Dr. Susan Berry

Does the Constitution Mandate Universal Birthright Citizenship? Here’s the Answer - Amy Swearer

Trump Counterattacks Using Democrat's Hypocrisy - Kurt Schlichter

What Trump vs. Pelosi Is Really All About - Rush Limbaugh

Adam Schiff Makes Quite a Revealing Statement After Trump Orders Declassification of Spying Documents - Katie Pavlich

Australia's Trump Moment - Wayne Allyn Root

Heritage’s ‘Blueprint for Balance’ Has Real Fixes for Our Spending Crisis - Cal Thomas

Federal Rats Are Fleeing the Sinking Collusion Ship - Victor Davis Hanson

In Australia, Conservatives Win a Shock Victory. There’s a Lesson Here for Conservatives Worldwide. - Ted Bromund

No, Abortion Isn't a Constitutional Right - Ben Shapiro

Socialism Promises a Utopia, but Delivers Suffering - Walter E. Williams

The Simple Preschool-Level Question That No Leftist Can Answer - Matt Walsh

Palestinian Historian On Rashida Tlaib's Holocaust Remarks: I Don't Know What She's Talking About - Matt Vespa

Victor Davis Hanson Makes ‘The Case for Trump’ - Rob Bluey

Ocasio-Cortez: I Was Joking About The World Ending In 12 Years, And You're An Idiot If You Believed Me - Amanda Prestigiacomo

Equality Act Is About Civil Tyranny, Not Civil Rights - Star Parker

Panic! At The DOJ? Obama's Spy Czar Nukes Comey And FBI Director Wray's Assertion That Trump Campaign Wasn't Spied On - Matt Vespa

House Democrats Show Their Contempt for Constitution, Rule of Law - Cully Stimson & Hans von Spakovsky

This Columnist Noticed Something Odd About How The NYT Reported On The Trump Spygate Story - Matt Vespa

U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults — A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud - Investor's Business Daily

Ilhan Omar Attacks Israel. Liz Cheney Demolishes Her With One Tweet. - Hank Berrien

The Worm Has Turned On The Democrats - David Limbaugh

NYT Chief WH Correspondent: Here's The Real Reason Obama Didn't Address Russian Meddling In 2016 - James Barrett

This Man Grew Up in Venezuela. Here’s His Message to Americans Who Want Socialism. - Jarrett Stepman

Here’s The Reason Why The Second Amendment Is Essential - True Daily Staff

Media, Democrats Suggest Impeaching Barr Over Whiny Mueller Letter. Here's Why That's Absurd. - Ben Shapiro

The Carbon Tax Fantasy - Stephen Moore

Fake Climate Science and Scientists - Paul Driessen

Democratic Presidential Candidates Lie to Black Americans - Derrick Wilburn

U.S. Pilot Who Was Shot Down During Somali Raid Responds To Omar’s 'Disgusting' Black Hawk Down Tweet - Matt Vespa

3 of the Most Telling Failures of Socialism - Lee Edwards

On Earth Day, Gloomy Predictions Haven’t Come to Pass - Nicolas Loris

The Immigrants We Need Most - Stephen Moore

Why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Tweeted About 'Easter Worshippers' - Dennis Prager

The One Crucial Line In The Mueller Report That The Media Is Taking Wildly Out Of Context - Matt Walsh

Bye Bye Biden - Dick Morris

The Real Leaders Of The Democrats Want To Shut You Up - Kurt Schlichter

Sanctuary Cities Should Welcome Illegals, Unless Liberals Are Lying - Derek Hunter

Unreal: AOC Tells Dan Crenshaw to 'Go Do Something' About Terrorism - Leah Barkoukis

The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Campaign Against the Electoral College - Jarrett Stepman

Millennials for Socialism - Walter E. Williams

Are Women Malcontents? - Dennis Prager

Senate Republicans Have Triggered the ‘Nuclear Option.’ They Are Completely Justified. - Thomas Jipping

Sidelined Because She Rejects Radical Green Agendas? - Paul Driessen

Deadly germs, Lost cures: A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy - MATT RICHTEL and ANDREW JACOBS

The Trump Green New Deal - Wayne Allyn Root

Media Downplays Another Huge Trump Accomplishment - Derek Hunter

America’s Past Shows Why Socialism Won’t Work - Kay Coles James

Tucker Carlson Beats CNN's Entire Prime Time Line Up Combined. CNN Isn't Taking It Well. - Ryan Saavedra

The Biggest College Scandal of All - Stephen Moore

This Veteran, Who Supplied Water to Firefighters, Went to Prison for Digging Ponds - Kevin Mooney

Global Warming Has Been Canceled: Key Greenland Glacier Has Expanded. Ocasio-Cortez Hardest Hit - Matt Vespa

The Media Have Done Tremendous Damage to the Country and Themselves - David Harsanyi

Here Are 4 Egregious Ways the Left Wants to Transform American Politics - Elizabeth Slattery

Anti-climate Science Totalitarians - Paul Driessen

Assume the Left Lies And You Will Discover The Truth: Reflections On The Trump-Russia Collusion Lie - Dennis Prager

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Equality Act’ Would Be Disastrous. Here Are 5 Likely Victim Groups. - Monica Burke

Meltdown: MSNBC Threw The Biggest Tantrum Since Hillary’s Loss After Mueller Report Shows No Trump-Russia Collusion - Matt Vespa

Liberal Senator Invites 'McCain Republicans' to Vote For Democrats in 2020. No Thanks. - Guy Benson

Why Democrats Fear the Electoral College - David Harsanyi

CNN, Eager To Please Democrats, Lies About James Madison And The Electoral College - Hank Berrien

Founder of Black Guns Matter Speaks Out: ‘Gun Control Is About People Control’ - Daniel Davis

Wait-This Is Why Jeanine Pirro Was Pretty Much Suspended From Fox News? - Matt Vespa

Media Touts ‘Clear Sign of Human-Caused Climate Change.’ Here Are the Facts. - Marc Morano

Professors Protest University Of Wyoming Slogan Praising Cowboys. - Hank Berrien

Why Socialism Fails - Cal Thomas

Top Defense Officials Slam Google for Providing 'Direct Benefit' to China's Military - Leah Barkoukis

My Investigation Into the Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 Problem - Rush Limbaugh

7 Reasons Why the Equality Act Is Anything But - Monica Burke

What Liberals Forget: Before the Welfare State, Americans Took Care of Each Other - Ben Shapiro

Here Are 5 Hysterical Environmentalist Claims in Modern History - Jarrett Stepman

We Will Never Bow To The Mob: Watch Tucker Carlson Shred The Left-Wing Attacks Against Him - Matt Vespa

Our Planet Is Not Fragile - Walter E. Williams

7 Signs Trump Will Landslide 2020 - Kevin McCullough

Dennis Prager At CPAC: The Left 'Hate America Because It Is Good' - Ian Snively

Democrats Are Getting Out on a Dangerously Left-Wing Limb - Michael Barone

Why Do Blacks and Leftists Wish the Attack on Smollett Happened? - Dennis Prager

Hate Crime Hoaxes: The Bad and the Good - Walter E. Williams

WALSH: You Can No Longer Be A Decent Person And A Democrat - Matt Walsh

AOC Declares That She's The Boss. James Woods Creams Her. - Hank Berrien

Bill Maher's Red States/Blue States Lecture Once Again Shows Why Trump Won The 2016 Election - Matt Vespa

The big question: Why did James Baker change his mind on indicting Hillary? - Mike Huckabee

The US ‘Has the Most Mass Shootings’—and Other Bogus Gun Research - John Stossel

Reminder: Bernie Sanders Thinks People Standing in Bread Lines is Terrific, Proves Government is Working - Katie Pavlich

How Many Times Trump’s Predecessors Declared a National Emergency? - Fred Lucas

The Left Wants to Transform Our Election System. It’s a Recipe for 1-Party Rule. - Jarrett Stepman

Explaining the Left, Part VI: Do Leftists Believe What They Say? - Dennis Prager

Democrats Don't Want ICE Notified When Illegal Aliens Try to Purchase Guns - Katie Pavlich

Seven Shocking Statistics on Immigration - Regnery Publishing

Gillibrand: Yeah I Could Support Tearing Down Existing Walls Too - Cortney O'Brien

Limbaugh: Media Trying To Convince Us We Haven’t Heard What We’ve Heard For Last Two Years - James Barrett

Not ‘All Americans’ Are ‘Proud That We Have More Women in the Workforce Than Ever Before’ - Dennis Prager

The 5 Most Hilarious And Insane Things In Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal' Proposal - Matt Walsh

College Newspaper Says 'White Boys' Should Not Be 'Allowed To Talk' - Amanda Prestigiacomo

AOC's Green New Deal Proposal Is One Of The Stupidest Documents Ever Written - By Ben Shapiro

Stacey Abrams’ Full Embrace of Identity Politics Is a Recipe for Disaster - Mike Gonzalez

The Difference in How Socialism and Free Markets Work in the Real World - Sebastian Gorka

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez's Political Party Calls For Elimination Of Israel In Resurfaced 2017 Video - Ryan Saavedra

Demonizing White Men - Walter E. Williams

Limbaugh: Here's What We've Learned About Democrats From Their Response To Covington Teens, NY Abortion Law - James Barrett

Liberals’ Holy War on Christian Orthodoxy - David Harsanyi

How Liberals Have Given Blacks Little for Their Loyalty - Walter E. Williams

The Covington Fiasco Is a Perfect Example of Why the Founders Distrusted Democracy - Jarrett Stepman

BREAKING: Pelosi Cancels the State of the Union - Katie Pavlich

4 Lessons We Can Learn From The Despicable Smear Campaign Against The Covington Catholic Students - Matt Walsh

Harry Reid Exposes Greatest Liberal Scam of All-Time - Wayne Allyn Root

Climate Hysterics Skyrocket - Paul Driessen

It’s Time for a ‘People’s State of the Union’ - Mark Davis

WATCH: Ted Cruz Nails It About Why Pelosi Delayed Trump's State Of The Union Address - Hank Berrien

The Left’s Extremism Will Continue to Drive Support for Trump - Victor Davis Hanson

3 Reasons Why Gillette's 'Toxic Masculinity' Ad Is Incredibly Stupid And Degrading - Matt Walsh

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the voice of an ignorant generation - Michael Knowles

Trump Roasted For Serving Football Champions Fast Food At White House - Paul Bois

Democrats’ New House Rules Stifle Conservatives, Critics Say - Rachel del Guidice

Fact-Checkers Work To Tear Down Trump's Big Wall Speech, But There Are Some Big Problems - James Barrett

President Trump's Speech - Mike Huckabee

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Goes Bonkers After Trump Speech - Hank Berrien

Sweden Isn’t Socialist - John Stossel

The Green New Deal Is a Trojan Horse for Socialism - Jarrett Stepman

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