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Labor Thuggery at the Supreme Court - Betsy McCaughey

Another Liberal-Created Failure - Walter E. Williams

How The Democrats Will Lose in 2020 - Ben Shapiro

Here's a List of School Districts That Already Allow Teachers to Be Armed - Katie Pavlich

Democratic Lunacy on Full Display in California - Arthur Schaper

Deterrence Can Work - Cal Thomas

How Environmentalists Keep Heating Bills High - Stephen Moore

Why the Left Opposes Arming Teachers - Dennis Prager

To Preserve Gun Rights, We Must Replace the Second Amendment - Justin Haskins

Counterattack Hard Against Liberal Attacks on Our Gun Rights and Other Civil Liberties - Kurt Schlichter

Our Next Energy and Security Crisis? - Paul Driessen

Why Arming Teachers Is a Good Idea - Brian Darling

It's Come To This: Louisiana Student Investigated For Math Symbol, Classmates Thought It Looked Like A Gun - Matt Vespa

WATCH: Frank Luntz Holds a Focus Group of Current and Former NRA Members to Talk About Mass Shootings - Beth Baumann

Acting ICE Director Schools California Dems on Immigration Laws - Leah Barkoukis

CNN's Van Jones: For Young People 'The NRA Is Like the KKK' - Lauretta Brown

'Unpatriotic:' New Wave of Horrible Tax Reform Bonuses Arrives, Utility Bills Lowered in 39 States - Guy Benson

Revealing: Pro-Gun Control CNN 'Townhall Meeting' Audience Cheers Banning All Semi-Automatic Rifles - Guy Benson

Don't Honor Abusers of Human Rights - Linda Chavez

Friendly Reminder: School Shootings Are Still Rare. More Kids Are Killed Walking To School - Matt Vespa

Don't Take The Onion's Pessimism Too Seriously - Michael Barone

Note To 'Experts': Obama Is Not a Top 10 President - Matt Margolis

Amazing New Breakthrough to Reduce Mass Shootings! - Ann Coulter

Russia Not the Only Actors in the 2016 Election - Cal Thomas

The Real Donald Trump You Won't Hear About from the Liberal Media - Wayne Allyn Root

Time to Change the Election Game - Scott Rasmussen

Race and Sports: It's Not 1947 Anymore. Let's Not Pretend That It Is - Larry Elder

7 Terrible Liberal Gun Control Arguments … And How To Beat Them - Kurt Schlichter

ICYMI: Obama Says Fox Viewers 'Living on a Different Planet' - Leah Barkoukis

Pelosi: GOP Tax Bill Is 'Unpatriotic' - Matt Vespa

Will Automation Kill Our Jobs? - Walter E. Williams

'We Have to Do Something' - Ben Shapiro

Well, It's Happened: The Trump Tax Bill Is Becoming More Popular And Democrats Are Scrambling - Matt Vespa

Obama's Real Debt and Deficit Legacy - Stephen Moore

The Only Thing We Know for Sure After a Mass Shooting - Bernard Goldberg

Another Tragedy, Another Round Of Politicization - Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

Liberals Fail, Volume XXXVII - Kurt Schlichter

What In The Fresh Hell Is This? Reporter Suggests More Abortions Would Have Prevented Florida Shooting - Matt Vespa

7 Simple Steps to Eliminate School Shootings Overnight - Kevin McCullough

The Angry Liberal Mob - Derek Hunter

Trump Needs a Return to King Dollar - Larry Kudlow

Climate Alarmism Is Still Bizarre, Dogmatic, Intolerant - Paul Driessen

5 Things They Get Wrong About Christianity - John Hawkins

Analysis: Barring an Earthquake, Mitt Romney Will be a US Senator. What Does That Mean for Trump? - Guy Benson

Anti-Gun Nonsense: Here Are Three Idiotic Talking Points Being Peddled By The Left After Florida Shooting - Matt Vespa

What's Oozing out of Campuses Is Polluting Society - Michael Barone

Why We Must Arm Teachers Now! - Kevin McCullough

Anatomy of a Coup - Ann Coulter

The Constitution is Not The Problem - Scott Rasmussen

Who's Really Winning The North Korea Standoff? - Victor Davis Hanson

Well, This Democratic Senator Wasted No Time Politicizing The Florida High School Shooting - Matt Vespa

Progressives Must Stop Using Terror To Try And Intimidate Conservatives - Kurt Schlichter

Trump Boom: Pro-Expansion Sentiment Among US Small Businesses Spikes to All-Time High - Guy Benson

A New Look Into Poverty in America - Star Parker

Black History Month - Walter E. Williams

This Isn't Normal - Ben Shapiro

Hillary and Obama Went Up the Hill... - Wayne Allyn Root

Let's Make America a Mineral Superpower - Stephen Moore

Liberals and Conservatives Are Unhappy for Different Reasons - Dennis Prager

The Liberal Media's Slobbering Over The Norks Reminds Us Why We Have The Second Amendment - Kurt Schlichter

DNC Chair Won't Address Whether There's Room in the Party for Pro-life Democrats - Lauretta Brown

DOJ and FBI Subjected Trump to Watergate Without the Break-in - Deroy Murdock

Dear Lord, What Were You Thinking? - Paul Driessen

The 25 Best Quotes About Politics - John Hawkins

Polls: Strong Public Support for 'DREAM' Compromise That Includes Top Trump Priorities - Guy Benson

One Major Difference Between 2010 and 2018 - Scott Rasmussen

It Can Happen Here - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Take the 'Racist Xenophobe' Quiz: Who Said This About Illegal Immigration? - Larry Elder

Why FISA-gate Is Scarier Than Watergate - Victor Davis Hanson

With Enemies Like This, Donald Trump Doesn't Need Friends - Kurt Schlichter

There's Still No Big 'There' in the Russia Investigation - Jacob Sullum

Let's Limit Spending - Walter E. Williams

Normal Americans to Sneering Democrats: No, Seriously, Tax Reform 'Crumbs' Are Actually Helping Us - Guy Benson

Are Liberals Rooting Against America? - Stephen Moore

In Defense of Evangelicals Who Support Trump - Dennis Prager

The Liberals and Their Conservative Chump Pals Hate Democracy - Kurt Schlichter

WaPo Columnist: The Democrats' Antics During Trump’s State Of The Union Was Embarrassing - Matt Vespa

The 40 Iron Laws of Politics in America - John Hawkins

Oh My: New Texts Show FBI Agents Discussed Ways To Avoid Federal Records Regulations - Matt Vespa

OCS Leasing Benefits America - Paul Driessen

BOOM: Economic Growth Projected To Break Five Percent In The First Quarter Of 2018 - Matt Vespa

Planned Parenthood Calls HHS Rule Protecting Conscience Rights of Healthcare Providers 'Dangerous' - Lauretta Brown

MSNBC Had A Meltdown Over Trump's State Of The Union - Matt Vespa

Longtime Trump Critic Frank Luntz Apologizes to President After State of the Union - Chris Reeves

Leak War: Explaining Five New Developments in the Never-Ending Memo/Investigations Firestorm - Guy Benson

Joe Kennedy’s Rebuttal to Trump’s State of the Union Sort Of Went Straight Into The Pond - Matt Vespa

Democrats Boo America - Ann Coulter

The State of President Trump - Cal Thomas

Lying, Spying and Hiding - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Had 'News' Media Done Its Job, Obama Would Not Have Become President - Larry Elder

Rethinking the Geography of Power - Victor Davis Hanson

Democratic Congressman: Yeah, My Party Is Divided On How To Respond To Trump's State Of The Union - Matt Vespa

Have You Heard the News?! It Will Change Everything! - Jonah Goldberg

Bogus Racist Claims Against Trump - Star Parker

Why Didn't Democrats Stand - Or Even Clap - For This SOTU Line? - Cortney O'Brien

Immigration Lies and Hypocrisy - Walter E. Williams

Can a Flawed Man Be a Good President? - Ben Shapiro

Analysis: Why Was Andrew McCabe Abruptly Removed From His Post? [UPDATE: 'Concerning' Revelation from IG's Clinton Probe] - Guy Benson

Hatch 'Shocked' His Democratic Colleagues Opposed Common Sense Anti-Abortion Bill - Cortney O'Brien

Make Trump Tax Cuts Permanent -- Now - Stephen Moore

Politicizing FISA Memo Distracts From The Real Issue - Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

Home Depot Co-founder Slams Dems Over Tax Reform Criticism: They 'Don't Have Any Brains' - Leah Barkoukis

Did Barack Obama ‘Obstruct Justice’ in Clinton Email Case? - Justin Haskins

A Backyard Immigration Lesson - Susan Stamper Brown

Desperation Time As Democrats Seek to Stop Trump From Succeeding - Kurt Schlichter

Donald Trump’s Top 7 Accomplishments in His First Year as President - John Hawkins

Clothing Company Founder Finds Out it's Not a Great Idea to Call His Fox Viewing Customers 'Idiots' - Cortney O'Brien

School Choice Can Help Defeat Poverty—But Only If Government Gets Out of the Way - Teresa Mull

Progressives Go 'Thermonuclear' On WH Immigration Framework: It's 'A White Supremacist Wish List' - Matt Vespa

Weinstein Amnesia Rules At Sundance - Brent Bozell

ICYMI: Trump Wants Citizenship Question Included For 2020 Census - Matt Vespa

The Great S---hole Hypocrisy - Larry Elder

Will Unfinished Train Overpasses Become California's Stonehenge? - Victor Davis Hanson

Laugh At The Democrats As They Die On Amnesty Hill - Kurt Schlichter

White House: The Graham-Flake-Durbin Immigration Proposal is Dead to Us - Katie Pavlich

Trump’s Breakthrough Win Against Shutdown - Andy Schlafly

Trump Rescues Pro-Life Docs and Nurses - Betsy McCaughey

Trump Acknowledges National School Choice Week - Star Parker

California To Business Owners: Half Of Your Savings From Trump's Tax Bill Belongs To Us - Matt Vespa

We Don't Need Bad Law - Walter E. Williams

What the Latest Stupid Government Shutdown Means - Ben Shapiro

PA, OH Voters On Trump's First Year: He's Doing “Better Than I Ever Would Have Dreamed” - Matt Vespa

Blame Us for Government Shutdown - Cal Thomas

Get Ready for a Congressional Budget Blowout - Stephen Moore

Male Sexual Nature: A Primer for the College-Educated - Dennis Prager

Pope Kimmel: Shame on These Republicans for Funding the Children's Healthcare Program...That I Demanded They Fund - Guy Benson

CNN, MSNBC Skewer Democratic Talking Points, Party Took A Huge Risk Following Shutdown Chuck - Matt Vespa

Senator Chelsea Manning? Democrats Should Be Proud - Susan Stamper Brown

Government Shutdown - Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

Advice to Young Ladies in This Very, Very Stupid Era - Kurt Schlichter

Dem Senator: No Gov’t Shutdown Has Occurred When One Party Controls Congress And WH (Narrator Voice: That’s False) - Matt Vespa

The Democratic Playbook - Derek Hunter

The Smoking Gun: Liberals Only Believe In Climate Change Catastrophe When It Suits Them - Nicholas Waddy

CNN Has Jumped the Shark - Jeff Crouere

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Already Paying Dividends - Congressman Scott DesJarlais

The 7 Factors Turning America From a Great Nation Into an Also-Ran - John Hawkins

Nearly 200 Dems Vote Against Bill to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions - Cortney O'Brien

California AG Vows to Prosecute Employers Who Help Federal Immigration Officers - Leah Barkoukis

USA Or KGB? Bombshell Memo Details FISA Abuses So Serious It Could Bring Changes To The FBI/DOJ - Matt Vespa

After One Year of Trump, Democrats Are Delusional - Dennis Lennox

Democrats Just Admitted Their Goal is to Shutdown the Government - Katie Pavlich

Equal Justice for All Includes Our Unborn - Congressman Jim Banks

Armageddon's Crumbs: Apple Unveils $2500 Tax Reform Bonuses, Largest US Auto Dealer Beefs Up Benefits - Guy Benson

Please Don‘t Shut Down The Government, Democrats, Because That Would Be Awful (Not) - Kurt Schlichter

Stop Feministsplaining Sex to Men - Ben Shapiro

Year One Report Card: Voters' Most Common 'Grades' for Trump Presidency Are... - Guy Benson

Surprise: The States That Hemorrhaged Population Fastest in 2017 Were... - Guy Benson

Trump Tax Cut Is Already Working - Stephen Moore

10 Thoughts on the President and the 'S---hole Countries' - Dennis Prager

Democrats’ Contribution to Haiti’s ‘Craphole’ Status - Susan Stamper Brown

Will Trump Go Sloppy and Soft on Illegal Immigration? - Kurt Schlichter

Of Crumbs & ‘S- - -holes - Kevin McCullough

All Different Types Of 'Holes' - Derek Hunter

CNN's Epic Meltdown Over Trump's 'S**thole Countries' Remark Was A Sight To Behold - Matt Vespa

Blatant Blue State Hypocrisy - Paul Driessen

The Democratic Response To Companies Doling Out Bonuses To Workers Remains Abjectly Pathetic - Matt Vespa

Trump the Barbarian - Wayne Allyn Root

How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It - John Hawkins

Cold Reminds Us of Importance of Dependable Energy - Tom Harris

Flashback Video: Here's Barack Obama Sounding Kind of Like...Donald Trump on Illegal Immigration - Guy Benson

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Admits the 'Entire Mainstream Media' Is 'Reflexively Anti-Trump' - Lauretta Brown

Reports: Trump Asked Why We're Letting In People From 'S**thole Countries' - Matt Vespa

Oprah: The Latest 'Messiah'? - Cal Thomas

'Tax Scam' Pain: Energy Providers Slash Utility Bills, New Bonuses Unveiled, Company Reverses Decision to Exit US - Guy Benson

Oh, So That's Why James Rosen Is Out At Fox News - Matt Vespa

The FCC Is On The Verge Of Doing Something Stupid - Derek Hunter

Democrats Admit Tax Reform Bonuses Are a Good Thing, But... - Cortney O'Brien

Last Days Of Venezuela Regime Like Last Days Of USSR - William Holland

Trump Can Take Credit for Black Unemployment Drop - Star Parker

Dirty College Secrets - Walter E. Williams

The Virtue-Signaling Anti-Virtue Crowd - Ben Shapiro

Report: Over 300 Labor Union Offices Have Embezzled Money Across The Country - Matt Vespa

Tax Reform Catastrophe: Major Restaurant Company Announces $20 Million Investment in Workforce, Visa to Boost Benefits - Guy Benson

The Environmentalist Lobby Attacks Green Tea - Brian Garst

Good News: GAO Investigators Tried to Illegally Obtain Guns Online...And Got Denied Every Time - Guy Benson

Supreme Court Rejects Cases Challenging Law LGBT Groups Call ‘Worst in the Nation’ - Cortney O'Brien

Silent Claire: Another Missouri Company Doles Out Bonuses To Workers, No Comment From McCaskill - Matt Vespa

Are Trump's Accusers 'Mad'? - Cal Thomas

Who Are You Calling a Moron? - Stephen Moore

Flashback: When Obama-Era DOJ Killed the Clinton Foundation Probe, Some FBI Investigators Were Furious - Guy Benson

You Have to Be High to Be Mad at Jeff Sessions for Enforcing Federal Pot Laws - Kurt Schlichter

Removing Trump? Hollywood Liberal Learns About The 25th Amendment The Hard Way - Matt Vespa

We Live in Stupid Times - Derek Hunter

By the Way, Black Unemployment Just Hit the Lowest Level Ever Recorded - Guy Benson

Has President Trump Lost His Mind or Has CNN Lost Its Bearings? - Michael Brown

The Biofuel Crony Capitalist Revolving Door - Paul Driessen

The Dumbing Down of Scholastic Achievement - Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2017 (15th Annual) - John Hawkins

'Economists Say' a Lot of Things. Many of Them Are Wrong - David Harsanyi

Suppression of Good News Is the Media's Dirtiest Tactic. Here's What They Missed Last Year. - Steve Sheldon

The 2010s Look More Like Trump's Ideal America Than Obama's - Michael Barone

Communism and Millennials - Jerry Newcombe

ICE Director: Brown Should Be Criminally Charged Over Sanctuary State Law - Leah Barkoukis

Character Counts, But So Do Results - Cal Thomas

Scientists Analyze the Carbon Footprints of Our Beloved Superheroes - Cortney O'Brien

Instead of 'Infrastructure Investment,' How About Killing Davis-Bacon? - Larry Elder

The Big Problem With Hollywood Is Its Product - Kurt Schlichter

What No One Is Telling You About Iran - Michael Brown

Planned Parenthood Targets Trump's Judicial Nominees for Being Male - Cortney O'Brien

Optimism About Trump in 2018 - Star Parker

One Year in Office: Trump Keeps Defying His Critics - Stephen Moore

Is It Because Trump Would Benefit? The Top Ten Underreported Stories of 2017 - Matt Vespa

Joe Scarborough Goes off the Deep End - Brent Bozell

Dangers of Government Control - Walter E. Williams

America's Left in the Grip of Insanity - Ben Shapiro

11 Striking Stories from 2017 - Michael Brown

Bigotry Backfires in Montana - Mike Adams

Peace Through Strength: Another Trump Radicalism? - Brian Birdnow

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The Smaller the Citizen

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resent those who do

Good intensions often have unintended consequences

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